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Healthy body with Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel has a body that many people would die for. She is well trained and looks healthy. So what’s her secret? She reveals for the British Glamour, that the main secret for her well-trained body is her personal trainer, Jason Walsh. She also makes sure to do some physical activity every day, just like the food pyramid recommends.

Jessica Biel moves her body everyday

Jessica Biel works out with her personal trainer 2-3 times a week. After many years of gymnastics, her legs and back was the weak part of her body. Therefore she is now focusing on getting those areas in shape as well. She alternates between fitness training and weight training, cycling, yoga and ballet. She used to dance ballet a lot and still thinks it’s a fantastic form of exercise. She wants every part of her body to feel strong and achieves that by alternating between different physical activities.

Jessica Biel grew up with well-trained parents, so being active has always been a natural part of her life. Jessica Biel does something every day to make sure she stays physical active. It may be in the gym, in the pool or hiking with her dogs.

No bread, dairy, sugar, salt and less meat

Jessica Bies is on a strictly healthy diet when she’s working out. She works out 6 days a weak and during those days she avoids bread, dairy, sugar and salt. She also reduces the meat intake. Her favorite ingredients are quinoa and vegetables.

Jessica Biel gives herself one day, usually Sunday, when she eats whatever she want. She thinks this is very important so your mind doesn’t go nuts. This 6-day method that she is following is called “Kelly Bensimon Method”.

She reveals that she is not perfect and she sometimes mess up her fitness and diet, but as you can see she stays mostly focused on her goal to stay healthy and strong.

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