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Fitness with a Healthy Eating Habit

By Senior Editor
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Follow a Healthy Eating Plan

To get all the benefits from your fitness activities, you should pay attention to what and how you eat and drink. By following a healthy eating plan, you will feel more energized and lose more weight. You will also improve and strengthen your overall health. Here is how you do it:

  • Eat 3 main meals together with 1-2 snacks and 1 extra snack after your workout. Choose vegetables and fruits and other foods that contain lots of carbohydrates.

Healthy Eating Habit – Before your fitness activity

  • Eat one main meal 2-4 hours before your fitness activity. Choose food that does not contain too much fat or fibers.
  • Drink 2 cups of water (5 dl) before your exercise.

Healthy Eating Habit – After your fitness activity

  • Drink 2 cups of water (5 dl) directly after your exercise and then drink 0.5 cup of water (1.5 dl) every 15 minutes until you reach 150% of what you have lost during the exercise.
  • If your exercise is longer than 60 minutes, it’s good to take energy/sport drinks.
  • 30 minutes after your fitness activity: eat food that contains 2-3.5 oz of carbohydrates (60-100 g) and 0.35-0.5 oz of proteins (10-15 g).
  • 2 hours after your fitness activity: eat a steady meal

Healthy Eating Habit – Before a competition

  • 4 days before the competition: lose the carbohydrates with a 2 hour long intensive workout session.
  • The following days before the competition: eat a carbohydrate rich diet with a high energy level and drink a lot of water. Your workout should be slower with a lower intensity from now on, until the competition.
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