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What is  Green Living?

Green living is a lifestyle that covers many areas such as recycling, green energy, and organic gardening. The purpose of green living is to reduce the use of the earth's natural resources. Eco friendly green living is becoming more important as the population increases and natural resources are depleted. In the near future, we will need to transition to more green energy options in order to create eco friendly sustainable living habits. Let's inspire each other towards an eco friendly green living lifestyle.


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Green Living
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Green Living Habits

Green living is essential to protect our environment and preserve the world for our future generations. There are a few green living habits that are eco friendly and can lessen the environmental impact, such as: recycling, using green energy, choosing green cars, implementing organic gardening, and overall sustainable living. But, the problem is that many people do not understand the importance of green living and sustainable living. We move throughout our day polluting our world with cars, garbage, and other lifestyle choices. We ignore possibilities such as green energy, recycling, and organic gardening because we are too caught up in our current lifestyle. This must change. We need new a new lifestyle that includes green giving habits.


Our society has fallen into the bad habit of purchasing large amounts of products, and many of those items end up in the landfill, which is not eco friendly. When recycling is ignored and the garbage is hauled away, it can be damaging to the environment because it simply sits in the landfill for hundreds (or even thousands) of years. Recycling is easy, and it has two benefits: it saves items from ending up in the dump, and recycling is a form of sustainable living because it prevents other resources from being used to create a new product. When items are donated for recycling, the materials can be re-used to create a brand new product without using as many natural resources.

Green Energy

There is more we can do for our environment, besides recycling. Another green living habit to consider is energy usage. Sustainable living includes changing the thermostat slightly to reduce the amount of time that the HVAC system is running during the day. Also, consider implementing green energy options into your home whenever possible. Solar panels are a great way to change to sustainable living and to get eco friendly energy from a renewable source: the power of the sun.

Green Cars

Another Green living habit is to use environmentally friendly cars. Today we call ”hybrid cars” environmentally friendly, since they run on both electricity and petrol. The ideal ”Green Car” is an affordable car that will run on electricity, obtained from solar, wind or water sources and have no emissions at all. By deliberately choosing ”Green Cars” that are enviromentally friendly, we take a step in the right direction and implement a new green living habit

Organic Gardening

In addition, organic gardening is a great way to be eco friendly by cutting back on the energy used to deliver your food. Organic gardening focuses on sustainable living, because you grow the food that you will be eating without using extra resources. Organic gardening can also cut back on garbage from processed food packaging. Green energy can be used for your organic gardening, reducing the carbon footprint even more. For example, a few organic gardening fields can feed an entire neighborhood.

Overall Sustainable Living

Some cities are beginning to implement eco friendly, green living programs to encourage citizens to be more conscious of sustainable living. If you really want to make a difference, consider moving to a location that offers eco friendly choices such as green energy, organic gardening or recycling plants. Daily choices should focus on sustainable living options, such as green living and eco friendly habits. Take some time to make a few changes in your daily habits so that you can do your part to save the world. There are always small adjustments that can be made to your lifestyle in order to reduce the impact that you have on the environment, such as organic gardening, green energy cars, green energy home appliances, and other eco friendly products.

Also, be sure to tell other people about the importance of eco friendly, green living. Our planet can be protected if many people work together to reduce their carbon footprint by organic gardening, recycling, and using green energy.