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Healthy body with Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz loves outdoors activities

We often see the star actress on pictures surfing, hiking, snow boarding and golfing. She simply loves outdoor activities which helps her stay in shape. This way she makes sure to move her body for at 30 minutes a day, recommended by the food pyramid guideline. Those activities help her burn calories and also serve as great alternatives from indoor to outdoor workout routine. Outdoor activities are fun and she enjoys doing them on regular basis.

Cameron’s body transformation started 10 years ago

Cameron Diaz has not always been as fit and toned as today. She has always looked great but she used to be a model and was very thin and tall. She didn’t have much muscles because she never used to work out.

The transformation started about 10 years ago when she trained martial arts for Charlie’s Angels. “At the end of each day, I thought I would die,” she admits. “It was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life. I made a decision that I would never let it get to a point where I forgot what it was like to be strong”.

Weight training and Pilates – Great for women 30+

Today Cameron Diaz spends an hour a day to exercise and has an organized weight training and aerobic program and is stronger and healthier than ever before. She has recruited a personal trainer, Teddy Bass, to help the star actress maintain those great legs that many would die for.

Her personal trainer Teddy Bass helps her to keep those legs looking long and lean by doing a mix of weight training and Pilates. Teddy Bass explains that this is the best combination for women over 30. The weight is great for building the butt and Pilates helps with elongation and smallness.

She works out five days a week but focuses strongly on outdoor sports like surfing, snow boarding and hiking.

Cameron Diaz has “dinner” for breakfast

By having a “dinner-like” breakfast she stays fuller longer and consumes fewer calories during the day. She seem to follow the food pyramid and eats 6 small meals of low carb everyday to keep the energy level high throughout the day. An example of a typical day for Cameron Diaz would be:

  1. Breakfast: Garlic rice, broccoli, eggs, lemon and either chicken or beef.
  2. Snack: Protein shake with water
  3. Lunch: Salad and lean chicken or beef
  4. Snack: Fruit and handful of nuts
  5. Dinner: Egg white omelet with herbs, tomato, onion, mushrooms
  6. Snack: Protein shake with water
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