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8 Fitness steps to a healthy lifestyle, 8 fitness steps
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8 Fitness Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

By Senior Editor
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If you want to exercise on a regular basis, there are some things to consider. Below are 8 fitness steps that will help you stay focused on your exercise.

1. Find  activities that you enjoy

If you want a long term result it’s important that you enjoy your fitness program. Try out different fitness workouts like running, power walking, aerobic, spinning, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, dancing, bike riding etc. Try to combine your fitness program with exercises that build your muscles as well as raise your heart level. Find a couple of activities that you can alternate between. Engaging in different fitness activities will make your workouts more fun in the long rung. You will also be working out different muscle groups and thereby avoiding strained muscles.

2. Make a fitness program

If you have a fitness program, it will get harder to cheat. Write down what kind of fitness activities that you will be doing during the weeks. Also write down the days and hours of your workouts. Stick to your weekly fitness program.

3. Restructure your day if you don’t have the time

Maybe you can do your fitness in the morning before you go to work or during your lunch break or directly after work. Find a fitness center that is close to your home or work if it makes things easier. It’s not that hard to make time for one hour of fitness three times a week. The difficulty may be getting into the new routines, but after a month or so it should get easier, especially when you see the results.

4. Find a training partner

It’s always more fun to do your workout together with another person and it’s also harder to cheat when you have someone that can give you the pep talk. You can also get a personal trainer from your fitness center if you need extra support.

5. Don’t try to lose weight too quickly

If you manage to lose 1 pound (454 g) per week, that’s very good. If you lose weight too quickly, there is a risk that you will only lose the water in your body as well as the muscles and you don’t want that. If you have a fitness program that pushes you too hard in order to lose weight faster, you will not get sustainable results in the long run.

6. Eat regularly

You should eat 4-6 times a day in order to burn your calories more effectively. Have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks (like fruits or vegetables).

7. Give yourself rewards

Set up a fitness goal for next month. Say to yourself that if you manage to achieve this fitness goal you will buy yourself something you want (clothes, trip, massage, spa treatment etc).

8. Stay focused

Remember that you will most likely not have the same motivation all of the time. Your motivation will have a strong connection to your fitness goals. Sometimes your workouts may show great results and other times you will not get the wanted results. Have this in mind and keep staying focused. Start today and you will soon see wonderful results!

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