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Lose weight by Power Walking

By Senior Editor
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Power Walking is for everyone! It’s a fitness training that burns calories and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Do your Power Walking when it suits you!

You can do it anytime, anywhere and it’s free. Power Walking makes it ideal for you to lose weight and reduce body fat. This training form is easy on the body and your joints compared to jogging.

Health Benefits of Power Walking

Power Walking tones your muscles, strengthens your heart and boosts your metabolism. Other positive effects are a strengthened immune system, an increased energy level and improved circulation. If you have trouble sleeping, walking everyday might help you. You will gain a more positive mental health and be able to manage stress in a more successful way.

30 min of Power Walking burns 200 kcal

If you use a step counter you should walk about 10,000 steps a day. How many calories you burn is individual and depends on the technique you use. In average, if you walk for about 30 minutes you will burn around 200 kcal.

Alternate your speed when Power Walking

As you are walking you should alternate your speed. Start of slowly and build up to a brisk pace and then slow down again as you near the end of your walk. Once you have started walking regularly, increase your pace. Try including a few hills to walk up and down. Increase your distances gradually.

Work with your Arms when Power Walking

Work with your arms while walking to maximize speed and increase the energy level. Your elbows should be bent in an angle of 90 degrees. Your shoulders should be swinging softly forth and back. The more you work with your arms the easier it will be gaining a high speed without tiring your legs.

Roll your feet as you Power Walk

Your heel should strike the ground first. Then roll your foot forward and push off with your toes. Bring your other foot forward just as you are pushing off with the toes of the front foot. Take smaller steps. Large steps are inefficient and will slow down your power walk.

Light shoes with Shock Absorber are best for Power Walks

You should use light shoes with shock absorber for your walks. If you are not used to walking, you should avoid rough terrains and asphalt.

Make your Power Walk a daily routine

Park your car a bit from the office or if you take the train/bus get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. If it’s not too far, you could walk to your work place. Go for a walk on your lunch break. Use the stairs and avoid lifts. Walk to your local shop. Find as many excuses as you can, for walking!

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