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Labyrinth Walking How does it work?

By Senior Editor
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Labyrinth Walking – Sharpens your mind

As you walk through life’s paths, it can be hard to determine where you are headed, and what direction you should go next. To bring your body and your mind into focus, walking a labyrinth is clearer than life often is. It does take you through twists and turns, but your journey is marked ahead of you, and you can see your way through it. There aren’t any dead ends, bad choices or tricks. You just follow the path to the end.

Labyrinth Walking – A form of meditation

Many people who already have to concentrate in their careers don’t have the focus to work on their physical and mental fitness levels at the same time. Labyrinths are ideal for people caught in the corporate rat race, so you can use it as a meditating place.

Labyrinth Walking – How does it work?

A labyrinth usually has a circular path running clockwise, to the center from the entrance. You will use the same path to walk out as you did to walk in. The structure of labyrinths usually attempts to recreate patterns that can be associated with spiritual symbols. Walking the labyrinth will bring you to a more full realization of the fitness of your mind and body, both together and separately. The walk can also bring quiet to your mind in a noisy world, and it can reduce stress to help you in developing a better sense of balance. It can also help you to feel better emotionally and physically, and prepare you to ease transitions in life, and to be self-reflective.

Labyrinth Walking – The 3 Phases

When you walk a labyrinth, there are three phases to go through. First you walk towards the center, which helps you to relax physically and let go of emotional baggage. When you reach the center, you will be prepared to receive a sense of peace and grace. When you walk out, you will feel that you’re heading back into the world with a greater fitness of both mind and body.

Let go of your problems with Labyrinth Walking

Labyrinth walkers need to be able to clear extraneous thoughts from their minds, and concentrate on letting go of the problems that follow you everyday. Relax, walk easily and prepare for the feelings of centering and calmness. You can also use the walk in to work on problems which may be troubling you, or to mentally work at setting up the next phase of your exercise program, and how better to feed your body with healthy foods.

Where to find Fitness Labyrinths

You can find fitness labyrinths in medical centers, hospitals and spas, among other places. Walking the labyrinth is a way to bring your body and mind into a more true fitness level.

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