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Lose weight with daily activities

By Senior Editor
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Here are some tips on how you can get in shape and lose some weight without too much work. It doesn’t cost you any money and it will not take much of your time.

Walk more and lose weight

Leave your car at home and get to work by walking or taking the bicycle. You will not only be taking care of your health, you will do a good thing for the environment as well. An excellent daily exercise is to avoid using your car or subway as much as possible and start walking.

You should walk around 10.000 steps a day, equivalent to 5 miles or 8 km. Buy a “step counter”and find out how many steps a day you actually take. You probably think that you are walking more than you actually do and should in order to stay healthy. If you take a walk for thirty minutes you will burn about 200 calories!

Clean more and lose weight

When you are cleaning your house and make it nice and shiny, you will burn calories at the same time! You will get the same effect with activities such as ironing clothes and cleaning windows

Burn 200 calories with these simple daily activities:

  • Walk 10.000 steps a day (5 miles) – burn 200 calories
  • Clean your apartment for an hour – burn 200 calories
  • Iron your clothes for an hour – burn 200 calories
  • Clean your windows for an hour – burn 200 calories

Hopefully, after reading these facts, you will get more inspired doing house work and go for a walk!


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