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The Benefits of Walking
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Benefits of walking

By Senior Editor
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Walking is a great Exercise

Walking is an underestimated form of exercise.

Some of the benefits of walking 20 minutes twice a day:

  • is just as efficient as running half an hour, three times a week
  • counteracts stress
  • makes your mind clearer
  • improves your memory
  • makes you more creative (due to movements of the arms and legs  stimulating both sides of the brain)
  • makes you more optimistic and harmonious
  • gives you more energy
  • increases your metabolism and reduces your weight
  • helps the body to heal (due to the increased oxygen level in the blood)
  • reduces the risk of having age related diabetes
  • reduces the risk of having Osteoporosis
  • reduces the risk of dying from cancer
  • reduces the risk of dying too soon

If you are a person that don’t move a lot during the day, you can start by walking yourself to a healthier lifestyle. It does not take a lot of effort, and at the same time you can enjoy your surroundings.

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