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The Importance of Foot Health

By Senior Editor
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Daily activities require the use of your feet, and many people take it for granted that they have two healthy feet to help them walk around and move as they need to. Foot health is an important part of maintaining overall health, and there are actually correlations made between foot health and overall health.

The Importance of Foot HealthFootwear for Healthy Feet

Fashion is often the main reasons a person chooses to purchase a specific pair of shoes, especially for a woman. There are many cute, fashionable styles of shoes that are actually harmful to your foot health. Designer pumps, high heeled boots, and wedge sandals all look great with that certain outfit, however they cause wear and tear on your feet and can actually be damaging to foot health if you aren’t careful.

Even walking around on a daily basis puts a lot of pressure on your feet, especially if you are working a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. It is important to wear shoes that protect your feet and give them the support that they need. Wearing a pair of shoes that are comfortable and supportive is one of the first steps to good foot health.

Also keep in mind that it can also be damaging to your feet to wear shoes that offer no support at all. For example, thin sandals or flip-flops are easy and fun to wear in the summer months, but they can lead to poor foot health because of a foot injury or added wear and tear since they feet are not supported at all.

Foot Hygiene Practices

Keeping your feet clean and well cared for is another aspect of foot health. The toenails should be kept trim and clean, and also be sure to gently clean under the nails to remove bacteria and dirt. When washing your feet, dry them thoroughly to prevent dampness between the toes. Having damp or wet feet for extended periods of time can be unhealthy because it can lead to problems such as foot fungus or bacteria growth.

If a fungus or athlete’s foot develops it should be treated immediately in order to prevent bigger complications. Certain medications can be used to treat foot health, but it is a good idea to visit with a doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis to be sure that you are treating the correct problem. Allowing the feet to air out can be a good way to keep them healthy, because many modern day shoes can prevent the feet from getting the air that they need.

Taking care of your feet when you are young will help to maintain good foot health when you are old. Many younger people take their feet for granted, and don’t realize the important of protecting their feet. A few simple steps such as wearing good shoes and maintaining good hygiene can keep your feet healthy throughout your life.

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