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Increase your immune system by walking

By Senior Editor
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If you go for a walk a couple of times a week, you will strengthen your immune system and stop infections in your body.

A brisk walk relaxes you

If you are stressed, especially mentally and emotionally, a brisk walk will do you good and make you relaxed. Your body’s immune system against infections is more vulnerable if you are under a lot of stress and a normal dose of exercise increases the resistance against illnesses quite a lot. Exercise can even affect the tumor cells. If you are under treatment and do a bit of exercising, more tumor cells will die.

Don’t exercise too hard

Don’t go over board though, because if you exercise too hard it can have the opposite effect on the immune system. When it comes to running or swimming your body becomes more vulnerable if you exaggerate your training. With this type of exercise one training session a day is enough. Your body needs time to rest and recover. If you feel that you have less energy than usual, a nice walk is much better for your immune system.

Walk and stay healthy!

It doesn’t matter how much you exercised when you were young. All that matters is what you do today. To go for a walk a couple of times a week regularly is all you need in order to stay healthy, nothing more and nothing less. It’s very effective on the immune system, for both young and elderly people.

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