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How to Release Stress in Your Daily Life

By Senior Editor
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Our modern world of busy schedules and high levels of responsibility has resulted in higher levels of stress for many people. Even though we may consider stress a normal part of living, it can actually be damaging to your health and it is important to proactively release stress in your life in order to protect your health.

Why Stress is Harmful

When a person is experiencing high levels of stress, it puts strain on the major organs in their body. Even though we may not visibly see the effects of this stress, the organs begin to function less optimally when they are impacted by stress every day. The heart especially is negatively impacted by stress, and research studies have found that high levels of stress can lead to heart disease and other problems.

When we are experiencing stress, the brain actually releases hormones that cause the “fight or flight” response. These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline, and they cause the muscles to become tense, digestion to shut down, and the blood pressure to rise so that you can appropriately respond to the stressful situation. Using specific techniques to release stress can counteract these reactions.

Techniques to Release Stress

A few techniques can be used to release the stress that we experience, and every person should apply at least one or two of these techniques into their daily habits:

  • Exercise: when a person is exercising on a regular basis, you have a good physical outlet to release stress. During the exercise time, the mind releases endorphins that help you to be in a better mood. Additionally, exercise helps to improve the blood flow throughout the body to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and mind.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Spending time to focus specifically on muscle relaxation is a great way to release stress. When the muscles relax, the immune system becomes stronger and the blood can flow effectively. One of the easiest ways to release stress in your life is to practice muscle relaxation through the technique of massage.
  • Meditation: There are various forms of meditation that can be used to release stress, but the most effective form of meditation will include the practice of deep breathing. When we are breathing deep, the lungs will take in more oxygen and the heart function will improve. The heart and lungs need exercise in order to be strong.
  • Define Priorities: When life gets too busy, you can release stress by identifying the activities that are actually important and get rid of the activities that are less important. Take some time to go through your calendar and put together a list of priorities. Eliminate the activities that are at the bottom of the list.

It is best to implement all of the techniques into your life if you want to release stress, but even one or two can make a difference to lower your stress levels. Over time, you can gradually add in more stress reducing techniques in order to continually lower the levels of stress that you are experiencing.

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