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How To Meditate Deeply and Release Stress

By Senior Editor
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Since life itself can usually be a huge ball of stress, it is a must that you find a way to deal with it since as we all know, life must go on. There are so many factors in our day-to-day activities that contribute to high levels of stress. If we could just take a huge eraser and make them all disappear, life would be so great. The reality is, that huge eraser is never going to exist. So although there are some factors that we can step away from, there will always be the ones that we have no control over. As such, in lieu of stressing over the stressors in our life, we must take every measure to attain mental peace. What better way to relieve stress and gain inner peace than to learn how to meditate deeply?

While taking medication is usually the first choice to rid ourselves of stress, to learn to meditate has become a popular treatment in the United States and abroad. Deep meditation has proven to be very effective for those willing to learn to meditate, and even better, it doesn’t cost anything other than a comfortable area where you can relax. Learning how to meditate deeply helps in bringing self awareness.

There is just one thing that you should always keep in mind when preparing to learn to meditate; you have to let your mind, body and spirit enter into a relaxed mode. If you allow your mind to be “full of stuff” while you learn how to meditate deeply it will be impossible for you to achieve the full benefit of the activity. This can be easier said then done; however, allowing yourself to ‘let go’, even for a few minutes, can make all the difference.

Following are two breathing exercises that may prove beneficial in reducing your stress level while you learn to meditate:

This is a simple breathing exercise that will help to place you into a deep meditative state:
Make yourself comfortable (this is very important when meditating)

  • Close your mouth and place your tongue on the roof of mouth.
  • Breathe normally out of your nose.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply and hold it while counting to 3
  • Exhale completely until you feel like you have emptied all the air from your diaphragm.
  • Hold your breath while you slowly count to 3 in your head.
  • Repeat this for 5 minutes (set an alarm so that you are not focusing on the time)

As you continue to learn to meditate, this next breathing exercise will reset your cortisol levels and will help you to sleep better when practiced for at least 20 minutes a day. You don’t have to resort to completing this exercise before going to bed. As you practice how to meditate deeply, using this breathing technique at any point during the day will help you have more restful sleep.

  • Inhale deeply through your nose (until you have filled your diaphragm)
  • Exhale through your mouth (until you have emptied your diaphragm)

You will find by incorporating these simple breathing techniques into your day, you will find that learning how to meditate deeply begins to relieve the stress in your life.

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