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How To Beat Anxiety Without Medication

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To know how to beat anxiety and overcome we need to understand what it is. Anxiety is described as a feeling of worry, fear or uneasiness. We all have, or will experience the feeling of anxiety at some time in our lives, which is normal. For an alarmingly large number of individuals in this country, however, that anxious feeling is with them on a daily basis, and can interfere with activities of daily life. While there are a variety of anti-anxiety medications available as ways to deal with anxiety, there are also a variety of side effects that follow. Several of the drugs used to treat anxiety are tranquilizers, which work by reducing normal brain activity. Although these types of medications will temporarily relieve the symptoms associated with anxiety, they can also cause a person to feel sleepy and uncoordinated. In some cases, individuals taking these meds can feel as if they have a hangover when they haven’t been drinking and long-term use can lead to over sedation. That’s why so many are opting for other ways to deal with anxiety.

Although there are a number of medications readily available to treat anxiety, it would be easy for one to assume there’s a cure in one of the medicine bottles. The truth of how to beat anxiety with drugs is, medication is not going to cure the underlying cause of anxiety and in most cases, should not be used as a long-term solution. With that being said, many people who are suffering with this disorder have opted to find ways to deal with anxiety without the use of any medications. Though there are individuals who simply that answer to how to beat anxiety for them is a prescription of some sort, others are very open to the idea of alternative treatments.

Here are a few ways to deal with anxiety without medication:

Work closely with a psychiatrist to be sure you have been properly diagnosed and to consider alternative treatments. Keep in mind there are several different types of anxiety disorders so by staying in close contact with your psychiatrist and/or therapist; it is more likely you will choose the correct way to deal with your anxiety.

Experiment with relaxation. A number of individuals respond very well to relaxation and meditation therapy. There are several types of relaxation methods which include:

  • Progressive muscle relaxation which is slowly and individually tensing and then releasing your muscle groups beginning with your toes and ending with the muscles in the neck and head area.
  • Meditation is the focus of an individual’s attention on their immediate feelings. Meditation techniques help one providing answer to how to beat anxiety by focusing on roots of his anxiety issues.
  • Autogenic training is a combination of visual imagery and body awareness used to one into a deep, relaxed state.

Knowing about how to beat anxiety whenever possible and remember, the more you know about your disorder, the better equipped you will be to deal with it. You can go to your local public library or the internet and find tons of valuable information.

Here are a few reputable sites that you can visit for information on ways to deal with anxiety.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (www.adda.org)
The American Psychological Association (www.apa.org)

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