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Learn to Meditate and Become Healthier

By Senior Editor
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People nationwide have started to practice meditation for a number of health-related reasons. Researchers are continuously working to figure out how meditation works to help us become healthier mentally and physically. Whether you are advanced or new to the process, as you learn to meditate it is likely to enhance your overall well-being, “mind, body and spirit”.

We all know that when we don’t feel well we do one of two things; we call our doctor’s office and set up an appointment to discuss what is ailing us, or we take an aspirin and hope to feel better by morning. Although either of these can prove to be all that’s needed, as you learn to meditate, it may just as well have you feeling like new in no time. So by no means is this a suggestion that you stop seeing your doctor or that you stop taking your aspirin as needed as much as it is an alternative way for you to possibly feel better. Of course meditation doesn’t have to accompany an illness of any sort, as it can become a regular activity to aid in your journey of healthier “mind, body and spirit”.

To learn to meditate has proven to play a huge part in:

  • Memory enhancement
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Helping to control binge eating
  • Reducing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression
  • Reducing physical pain
  • Helping to boost the immune system

If and when you make the decision to learn ways in which to meditate, it is very important that you prepare your “mind, body and spirit” so that you get the best results possible.

Most meditation methods have four elements in common:

  1. Find a quiet location. Meditation should be practiced in a quiet place with the least amount of distractions as possible to your “mind, body and spirit”. This is especially helpful for those who are new and want to learn to meditate.
  2. Find a comfortable position. The type of meditation being practiced is a determining factor in deciding on the best position for you. Meditation can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or walking.
  3. Get focused. Individuals find different things to focus their attention on during meditation although focusing on your breathing is usually best.
  4. Have an open mind. During meditation, having an open mind will allow you to just let distractions come and go without interfering with your focus.

Once you have these four elements in place you will be well on your way to feeling better “mind, body and spirit.”

As you learn to meditate, please be mindful that although meditation is considered to be a safe practice for healthy people, it should not be used as a treatment replacement for any health issues. Meditation is a way to bring your “mind, body and spirit” in tandem. It is advised that you look for published research on meditation for your specific condition and be sure to continue visiting your regular doctor as needed. What works for some may not work for others so after you have decided to make meditation a part of your life it is important that you choose a method that you’re comfortable with.

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