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How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness

By Sabina Rose
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Inner peace is knowing how to remain peaceful and happy in the midst of the many storms that life is sure to throw your way. No matter what we have to endure as we walk this journey called life, there is something to be learned from every experience; good or bad. Although the outcome of all situations will not be what we had hoped for, learning how to turn negatives into positives is something we all should learn to do.

Understanding how to find inner peace and happiness is not something that can be studied rather it is a plan so to speak that must be put into action over and over again until we get it. When we start to allow ourselves to be consumed by negativity, we are no longer in control of our mind but our mind is in control of us. Therefore, we have to make a conscious decision to regain that control in order to know how to find inner peace and happiness.

Having the ability to relax, and become mentally detached from all the things that surround us will prove to be one of the most useful qualities that we each possess in our quest of knowing how to find inner peace and happiness. While some people are under the impression that it takes alcohol, drugs or some other distraction to quiet the mind, there are other, more natural options that can produce the desired results through spiritual awareness.

To know how to find inner peace following are a few things to consider:

  • Accept things as they are. Finding inner peace does not equal a perfect life. Inner peace is a state of mind, instead of begrudging your present situation, appreciate the things you have and accept where you are in life. Denial is the toughest blockade to spiritual awareness.
  • Don’t waste time on wasted emotions. Feelings of resentment, anger, guilt and regret are all negative emotions that produce few, if any, positive results. Instead, focus your emotional energy on letting go of these negative emotions and feelings of peace will soon follow.
  • Live in the now. It is easy to become overwhelmed when concerning oneself with the things that may happen at some future point. By focusing on the moment, worry about the future is eliminated. Spiritual awareness is gained by being in the moment and not in past or future.
  • Let go of the little things. Too often too much time is spent worrying about the minute details and insignificant occurrences. Focus on the big picture and let the little things go.
  • Eliminate self-doubt. Develop an I can do it attitude and believe in your own ability. Feeling secure about oneself is a certain way to know how to find inner peace and creates spiritual awareness.
  • Relax, relate, release. Find a few moments every day to simply relax. By doing so it helps to release the stress from the day and usher in greater feelings of peace.

Lastly, look for the positives. Whether you believe it or not, every situation or circumstance has some positive characteristic. Finding the positives in every situation is another way to reduce what could be a stressful situation. Remember spiritual awareness is a state of mind that only you can control.


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