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Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go

By Senior Editor
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The time when your mind and body are in a serene, relaxed state is referred to as inner peace. This state allows your “mind, body and spirit” to have a kind of quietness. An individual must learn the importance of practicing to control troublesome feelings from stress and the things that go on around them on a daily basis. Finding inner peace will allow the “mind, body and spirit” to focus on keeping negative vibes away. Many experts on finding inner peace suggest that brainpower is the key. Brainpower is most often defined as mental ability. This level of mental functioning or brainpower tends to be in total control of the way in which you will respond to different situations that may arise. You will have comfort in your “mind, body and spirit” even during uncomfortable times. Anyone can succeed at finding inner peace at any time in their lives if they allow themselves to use their brainpower to focus.

People often fail finding inner peace as a result of holding on to things in their lives that won’t allow them to move on. There are numerous things that individuals may be unable to let go of but until they have identified this ‘hold’ and are then able to work through it and release it through your “mind, body and spirit”, there will not be much peace. Holding on to fear, hatred, sorrow, and so on are all things that, if we are unable or unwilling to rid ourselves of, will surely prevent us from finding inner peace. As easy as it sounds the entire “letting” go process is probably one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their lifetime, or so it seems.

  • Fear: holding on to this will not allow you to take on any situations and/or challenges outside of your comfort zone. In a sense, fear can cause life to be stagnant.
  • Sorrow: feelings of sorrow are normal until we become consumed. Learning how to feel sorrow, grieve appropriately and move on, can be very helpful in finding inner peace.
  • Grudges: Holding on to a grudge is like holding on to hatred. It takes too much negative energy to hold a grudge against someone who may or may not be consumed with the same feelings.
  • Hatred: holding on to hatred has the ability to wear you down and exacerbate any negative feelings. “mind, body and spirit” is filled with negative energy to hold onto such a strong emotion.
  • Clutter (emotional and physical): Clutter in any form takes up valuable mental and physical space, often blocking our ability to see clearly and allow inner peace to enter into our lives. When clutter is cleared away, we make room for the good stuff that.
  • Worries: We all have worries at some time or another in our lives. If a situation is not in your control, you have got to let it go and just hope and have faith that it will work out for the best.

When you make the decision to “let go” of whatever or whoever may be holding you down, then true inner peace is possible.

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