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Finding Inner Peace with Yoga

By Sabina Rose
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Inner Peace with YogaStress has become one of those ‘things’ we think we simply have to live with. Some stress can be beneficial in motivating our “mind, body and spirit” to complete certain activities or meet the challenges we face in our every day lives. However, not all stress is good stress and people are searching for answers to help them conquer it. Many have found yoga to be a very effective way to reduce stress and work towards finding inner peace.

We can look at stress on two levels. The micro level is the individual stress from daily living and our own environments. On the macro level, we have the economy, overpopulation, global warming, obesity, disease, and those things that impact us externally, within society at large. All of these factors and variables begin to impede our “mind, body and spirit” and daily functioning. If we are not careful then our negative stress levels begin to increase.

What are we to do? How do we strive towards finding inner peace? And what exactly is having inner peace?

Most would define inner peace as a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep our “mind, body and spirit” strong in the face of discord or stress. Generally, stress would be the opposite of peace when dealing with the mind, which directly connects to our physical body. Stress comes from the unanswered, unsolved and difficult situations that seem to have no answer or no solution to the mind.

In order for us finding inner peace we have to be true to others and ourselves about what is important. Most importantly, it is important to look at life through an honest lens to see what is important, unimportant or knowing what we cannot change. Yoga teaches us to meditate and develop a connection with our “mind, body and spirit”. When meditating, the goal is to shed the excesses and worries of the day, and begin to focus internally; first with regulating our breathing patterns, and releasing the tensions from the body. Once we have become centered, then the next transition is to move into various yoga positions with the goal of enhancing the “mind, body and spirit” connection.

There are many types of yoga including Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and more. Some of the forms are more physical while others are more meditating and breathing techniques. Some forms of yoga are designed for beginners, while other forms are ideal for those more advanced. With so many options available, it may be necessary to do some research to determine which type is best for you.

Finding inner peace through yoga will bring serenity by liberating the body, mind and spirit. Finding a few quiet moments every day can significantly aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Participating in any form of yoga can be a natural transition from involving oneself in focused meditation. If one is not content with their body or emotions yoga will help release negative feelings thus making you more content and making it possible when finding inner peace.

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