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Happiness is a Choice!

By Senior Editor
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The search for meaning and happiness in life is a never-ending quest, and some people never find that place of joy because they don’t realize that happiness is a choice. Understanding the concepts that create true happiness will help a person to create the life that they desire, and find true happiness within.

Your Focus Determines Your Outcome

One of the most important aspects of learning that happiness is a choice, is the realization that we have the ability to choose what to focus on. When our focus is placed on a certain idea or outcome, it is likely that we will experience exactly what we are expecting.

For example, a person who doesn’t understand that happiness is a choice may start out a new relationship with the anticipation that it is going to be a miserable experience. This focus on the negative aspects in the relationship will result in the person being unhappy because they are only viewing the negative things.

On the other hand, when a person begins to understand that happiness is a choice, they may start out a relationship expecting good things. Their focus is placed on the positive elements in the relationship, and the person finds that they are happy and satisfied with the things that they are experiencing.

This relationship may be exactly the same for both people, but the focus and perception will drastically change the outcome of their happiness. When a person understands that happiness is a choice, they can make decisions in their life that will setup the conditions and attitudes for happiness.

Proactively Making the Choice

If you were told that you could be unconditionally happy, would you follow the instructions to make those changes in your life? Many people would quickly answer this question with an undeniable “Yes!” But, the truth is that there are subconscious factors that hinder our progress towards happiness.

When a person does not understand that happiness is a choice, they allow their passive, subconscious mind to make their daily decisions. Often, these decisions result in unhappiness because the person continues to remain stagnant in their current position.

But, taking the initiative to be proactive can change a person’s life, because they understand that happiness is a choice. Each little decision that is made on a daily basis will affect the outcome of their life, and they can have the power and ability to make choices that will lead them to happiness.

Also, remember that perception is a big element that determines happiness, and if a person chooses to perceive their life situation in a good way, then they are more likely to be satisfied with their condition.

It is true that happiness is a choice, and a few simple steps can help a person to proactively create the life and level of happiness that they desire.

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