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Unprocessed Foods - The healhtiest choice
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Unprocessed Foods – The healthiest choice

By Senior Editor
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If you suggest natural foods to someone who has been dieting, you may see a queasy look on their face. Not too many people like what they think of as natural food. Unprocessed foods are certainly the healthiest foods we can eat, but unless you grow your own foods, they are bound to have come into contact with pesticides and the like, and they may have additives that aren’t healthy.

The Food Industry wants us to eat more

It’s in the best interests of the food industry to keep us eating more. They are in the business to make a profit. When you do find organic foods, they cost more, even though less is spent in spraying the organically grown food. Natural food is not a moneymaker for big business, so it’s more of a niche product, and thus commands higher prices.

Agri-chemicals are harmful

You can take up healthy eating in spite of what big business wants to put on your dinner table. Select organic foods when they are available. Agri-chemicals are being used now that have tested as harmful. These chemicals multiply in our bodies over time, as we eat more of them, and they may be factors in our obesity and overall lack of good health. Organic foods have more good nutrients for your body.

Avoid  genetically-modified foods

Don’t eat genetically-modified foods if you can avoid them. Look on the nutrition facts label of foods you buy, and select GM-Free products when you can find them. Check soy products especially closely, because there is a lot of GM use in raising soy products.

Foods with additives can cause allergies

Avoid eating foods that have many additives, particularly if you are prone to allergies. The chemicals found in processed foods can cause allergic reactions, and sometimes behavioral issues in children. Processed foods always contain additives, and the more thoroughly a product is processed, the more additives it contains.

Eat locally grown produce

Eat locally grown produce whenever you can. This will mean eating mainly seasonal produce, which is the cheapest and freshest you can find, and usually the healthiest for you, as well.

Your health will improve

The exact foods you want will not always be available, of course, so these aren’t hard and fast rules. But if you use these guidelines as much as you can, you’ll be on your way to healthy eating. Your health will improve, since natural foods can sustain us and bring about good health. There is a great deal of information about natural foods on the Internet, if you want to avail yourselves of the best ways to purchase and prepare natural food for a healthy diet.

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