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Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

By Mark Slansky
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Having the best and healthiest intentions at the grocery store is not always a budget-friendly quality. While your heart may be set on organic produce, vegetables that are grown free of genetic modification or chemical treatment are normally priced significantly higher than their more cost-effective counter-parts. Instead of investing in a local grocery store, why not invest in your own backyard. If you have the space and time, the opportunity to produce fresh and healthy produce for yourself and your family could be as simple as a small plot of land. The benefits of growing your own vegetables are vast and becoming more greatly appreciated in the face of rising organic prices.

Price & Perennials

The price of starting a vegetable garden is minimal in contrast to buying organic products from a supermarket on a regular basis. The price of seeds is significantly lower than purchasing produce from the store. Once your garden begins producing vegetables, you’ll be able to save, store and can excess produce. This means you may not have to spend money on vegetables for potentially years on end. Investing in perennial seeds can be a present day decision that saves you significantly in the future.

Health at your own hand

Many consumers prefer to purchase organic produce because they want to be sure that what they eat is free from chemicals and genetic alterations. Knowing the story behind the food you consume is a smart health choice and can add to your peace of mind about what you are consuming to sustain your body. One of the greatest benefits of growing your own vegetables is the complete confidence in the source and quality of the produce your family eats. Delivering healthy, fresh and organic vegetables to your dining room table is a sure way to avoid potentially harmful toxins.

Gaining Zen bonding time with gardening

Another benefit to growing your own vegetables is the excuse you gain to spend time in nature, and potentially bonding with loved ones. Depending on how complex your vegetable garden becomes, it may be necessary to spend a significant amount of time caring for a variety of plants in order to insure a successful yield. Many gardeners choose to grow their own vegetables in large because there is a very calming effect to pruning plants in a quiet and fresh atmosphere. You can use the time it takes to care for vegetable plants to find some calm in what might otherwise be a busy or stressful day.

Additionally, the opportunity to spend time and learn with a loved one such as a spouse or child is a fantastic benefit to growing your own vegetables. Making a vegetable garden a collaborative project can be a great way to teach your children about caring for and producing fresh produce. Similarly, gardening can be a great way to reconnect with your husband or wife as you work together to create a plentiful and productive garden that benefits your family.

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