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Beautiful and Healthy with Miracle Foods
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Beautiful and Healthy with Miracle Foods

By Senior Editor
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We spend a lot of money to look beautiful and be healthy, but you don’t need to do that. Don’t waste money on expensive anti-wrinkle creams, anti-inflammatory creams, eye drops to relieve redness, hair products to make your hair beautiful, medicines to stay healthy etc. Here is a list of Miracle Foods will give you the same effect.

Strawberries: Reduce Wrinkles

Instead of buying expensive Anti-Wrinkle creams, eat more Strawberries. This miracle food contains a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production in our body and reduces the damage caused by free radicals, thus reducing the aging process of our skin and the emergence of wrinkles.

Artichoke: Gives you a Stunning Complexion

Artichoke contains a lot of fibers and is also very rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, this miracle food has a cleansing effect on your body. Just cook and eat them with a little salt and butter. Very tasty!

Quinoa: Beautiful Skin and Hair

The Peruvian Quinoa is often referred to as grain, although it’s actually a seed. But because of its cooking properties Quinoa is a wonderful substitute to rice and gluten free bread. Quinoa is a real miracle food and contains a lot of B vitamins that helps your hair and skin look great. Quinoa is said to give a radiant complexion and shiny hair.

Salmon: Reduces Inflammation

Salmon is a fatty fish and it has an incredible effect on your skin as it inhibits inflammation more effectively than almost any other food. This miracle food is also said to reduce wrinkles and bloating.

Shellfish: Boost your Immune System

Shellfish is a real miracle food. It is filled with Zinc, an important mineral that has many health benefits such as boosting your immune system. Zinc has also been said to inhibit acne. Furthermore, Shellfish is very healthy because of its low fat content and high protein content.

Acai Berry: Boosts your Immune System

The Brazilian Acai Berry is often called super food and miracle food, for good reasons. Acai Berry is filled with Omega-3 acids and Antioxidants. Acai Berry is great for the immune system. It will help you from getting colds and other diseases. Acai Berry is also known as having weight loss properties.

Cabbage: Relieve Redness in Eyes

If you have problems with red eyes due to smoke or smog, eat more Cabbage. The antioxidant in Cabbage help your eyes stay healthy. You don’t need expensive products to handle this problem. Swing by the local vegetable dealer and buy this inexpensive miracle food. Cabbage contains an important natural antioxidant called Lutein. Lutein is a substance that makes your eyes brighter and whiter.  See the Cabbage Soup Diet for more information.

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