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Start your own Food Revolution!

By Kevin Johnson
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The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver from the United Kingdom, leads a health campaign in the U.S. to curb obesity. Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are overweight or obese. That means about 70% of the children are on a high-risk trajectory for coronary artery disease by their 30’s and 40’s!

Jamie Oliver’s campaign is to make people more aware of this unhealthy trend. He therefore hosted and co-produced a TV series called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”. He chose Huntington, West Virginia, as his focus point for the TV series. Huntington is statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in the country. The show was broadcast in the U.S. during March 21 – April 23, 2010 on ABC.

Jamie Oliver is encouraging us all to start our own “Food Revolution”, whether it’s cooking dinner for your family, planting vegetables in the garden, or by bringing attention to something in your community that you are trying to change. How are you contributing to the well needed food revolution? If you want to take action right now sign Jamie Oliver ´s Food Revolution petition.

If you didn’t catch the TV series, here is a chance to see a glimpse where Oliver challenges 1st graders to identify fresh food. Unfortunately, the children are not succeeding well. See for yourself:

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