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It is never too late to start exercising

By Senior Editor
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There are many types of exercises for all ages. The MyPyramid guidelines recommend daily exercise. To make sure you exercise everyday, try something that seems fun. You should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You can never fail. Just by moving your body, you have won!

Exercising is important, especially when it feels difficult

If you were good at sports in your younger days, you may find it difficult to start exercising now that you’re older. But when you are in your 50s, it is extra important to move your body. During this period of life, many people spend too much time watching TV, eating wrong foods and gaining weight.

Now is the time to start doing something else in your life and start looking for whatever physical activity you find fun. It may feel hard in the beginning, but it will soon get easier. Before you know it, you will enjoy the extra energy that you will gain from exercising.

Exercise with others

Often it is more fun to train with others. The social togetherness that comes with physical activity is just as important. You may get more motivated with your pep-talk and support of each other. If you can’t find your own exercise buddy, organize your own small group. Put up flyers in the local grocery store or in a gym nearby, and see if anyone is interested.

Enjoy your exercise and stop compare yourself with others

Don’t have too high expectations or demands on yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others, or with yourself. Be kind and supportive of yourself. Your exercise program will become much easier and more fun without the unnecessary pressure.

Start gently – Slowly increase your exercise routine

It is important to start gently. If you think your exercise is too hard, you are more likely too stop doing your exercise. For example, start by going for a 15-minute-walk after your dinner. Do this for about two weeks and then increase the time to 25 minutes. After another two weeks you might want to increase your walking distance or add another physical activity.

Daily Exercise Routine

The regularity is very important because it will change your lifestyle. For example, make a 30 minute walk as a part of your daily routine. The daily routine will in time feel so natural that you won’t even think about it.

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