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What is Green Energy?

By Senior Editor
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Wind PowerGreen energy is the use of energy creation that provides for our current needs without harming the energy needs of future generations. In the past, much of our energy consumption has been focused around fossil fuels such as oil and coal. These products can create usable energy; however there is a limited amount of these fuels that are available on the planet.

Why Green Energy is Important

The reason it is necessary to transition to green energy sources, is because the use of so many fossil fuels is quickly depleting the resources that are available on the earth. As a result, the prices are quickly increasing because of supply and demand, and soon those resources will be gone. Green energy provides a way to sustain life without depleting these fossil fuels, and they have a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Types of Green Energy

Technology is advancing, and we are finding new ways to produce natural energy. Over the years, advances will be made to create new source of energy. These are the types of green energy that are currently available to us:

  • Solar energy uses power from the sun
  • Wind energy uses power from the wind
  • Geothermal steam energy uses power from hot springs and heat beneath the surface of the earth
  • Hydropower energy (also known as hydroelectricity) uses energy harness from water sources, such as dams and rivers
  • Biomass energy uses waste and garbage to create energy, usually by burning the waste

The Future of Green Energy

Millions of dollars are being used in research to discover the best uses of green energy in order to decrease our consumption of fossil fuels. Solar power is becoming more popular, and there are many areas in the world that are implementing solar energy on a larger scale.

Benefits of Green Energy

The advantage to using these renewable energy sources is because we will always have a source to create energy, and we don’t need to worry about using up resources that future generations will need. Some people are hesitant about the higher initial costs of transitioning to green energy, but the truth is that it is actually cheaper in the long run to use solar energy sources.

For example, even though it may be expensive to install a solar power panel kit on your home, the initial costs will be offset by the lower energy bills. Once the solar power panels are installed, it will be very cheap to use energy in the home, because the home will no longer need to use energy provided by the local utility companies.

Green Energy – Lifestyle Changes

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint, it is important to consider green energy sources and start making changes in your life to transition to these cleaner sources of energy. Many people making these positive changes can have a huge impact on the environment.

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