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Sustainable Living Tips

By Mark Slansky
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We live in a world where enormous amounts of energy are dispensed daily, and natural resources are feared to be running low. As we look towards the future of our imminent energy needs and the planet’s limited supply of renewable resources; more people than ever are working on sustainable living solutions and green initiatives.

All across the globe, companies, organizations and individuals are taking massive steps towards energy efficiency and finding ways to cut back on wasteful living habits. While not everyone has the financial freedom to create a solar-energy home or the choice to work for an all-green company, there are several small steps you can take daily to live a more energy-friendly life. Here are some useful sustainable living tips to turn your daily routine into your very own green movement.

Watch your water use

Without realizing it, many people have a tendency to leave the water running while they perform daily tasks like brushing their teeth. Taking a moment to turn off the faucet while you brush could save gallons of needed water in the long run.

Limit light use

Lighting is a privilege many of us take for granted on a daily basis. We’ve become so accustomed to illuminating a room with the flip of a switch, that it’s easy to forget that each and every bulb requires energy. Simply turning off a light as soon as you leave a room can save a significant amount of energy overall. Additionally, lighting candles on occasion instead of lighting up your home with electricity is an effective sustainable living tip.

Monitor electric stoves

While electric stoves do require a large amount of energy to run, by efficiently monitoring your electric stove’s use, you could end up saving energy in the end. Electric stoves tend to heat up very quickly and consequently, remaining heated long after they’ve been turned off. Turning off your stove once it’s reached the desired degree is not only energy efficient, but recommended by chefs. The lingering high temperature will continue to cook food thoroughly while saving energy at the same time.

Tumble dry with a towel

This little known sustainable living tip could help you save energy, heat and time when it comes to drying your clothes. Throw a large bath towel in the dryer with every load of laundry and watch clothes dry in half the time. The towel works as a moisture absorbing agent and which results in a more efficient dryer.

Fill up the dishwasher

The convenience of a dishwasher can unknowingly be countered by excessive usage of water if it’s run with only a few dishes daily. An easy-to-follow sustainable living tip is to make sure the dishwasher is completely full before running a cycle.

Avoid air conditioning

The sweltering heat of summer has most people reaching for the thermostat. While it’s tempting to set your air condition to polar levels in the middle of July, try alternating between energy zapping air conditioners and fans and windows in your effort to save energy and live a sustainable life.

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