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How to Prevent Childhood Diabetes

By Senior Editor
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Recent research has shown an increase in the number of diabetic children, and it is important for parents to take proactive steps to prevent childhood diabetes. Diabetic children face the fact that they may have to be on prescription medication for the rest of their life, and every effort should be made to prevent this from occurring.

What Causes Childhood Diabetes

Studies are linking the childhood obesity rates to the higher number of diabetic children. Obesity in children is becoming more common as a result of the poor eating habits that many children have. Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and high levels of unhealthy fat leads to weight gain, which can in turn cause many other health problems.

It is common for diabetes to run in families; so if the child’s parents have this health condition, then it is more likely that they will have diabetic children. Also, race may affect the risk of childhood diabetes; it has been found that children who are Asian American, American Indian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or African American are more likely to be diagnosed with childhood diabetes.

Tips To Prevent Childhood Diabetes

Your family can prevent diabetes by following these steps:

  • Limit Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar Intake. Eating high amounts of refined and processed foods can lead to diabetes. Stay away from soda, candy, white bread, pastries, etc. These foods also increase weight gain, and many diabetic children are overweight as a result of the foods that they eat every day. Parents can help diabetic children to learn more about healthy food choices to reduce their symptoms.
  • Increase Activity Levels. You can encourage your diabetic children to exercise more by being active with games and outdoor sports. Regular movement will help the child to lose weight and improve their health. Limit the time that the children can spend in front of the TV or computer, and urge them to play outside instead.
  • Eat Plenty of Healthy Foods. Parents can be an example by eating healthy foods at every meal. Teaching children about healthy food choices can prevent childhood diabetes, because the child will be able to make good food decisions when they are on their own.
  • Don’t Use Food As An Emotional Treat. Using food to bribe your child creates an unhealthy emotional connection with food. Don’t bribe your child with treats or junk food, instead teach them that food is important to nourish their body.

It can take some time to help your child to learn these new habits. But, be patient because it is important to help them avoid childhood diabetes. It has been found that diabetic children often have other health conditions as well, so avoiding childhood diabetes can improve the child’s overall health.





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