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The Importance of Building Confidence In Children

By Senior Editor
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It is not an easy task when it comes to building confidence in children and teaching them the importance of having positive self-confidence. Nevertheless, these tasks are critical factors in the child’s development that will prove to be beneficial for the child as they move into adulthood. It will generally come easier for a parent to instill self confidence in children if they in fact, possess a high level of confidence. Imparting a positive sense of self in young children is certain to assist the child in understanding the feeling of being loved without condition.

There are several ways of how to build confidence in children, but love is one of the cornerstones. With unconditional love and general positive regard comes the freedom for a child to express him or herself without fear of negative repercussions. As an example to building confidence in children, an infant keeps falling when first learning to walk. With parents love and help the child will move out into the world without fear of falling or making mistakes. Unconditional love provides assurance that it is okay to take risks, test the waters, and move with confidence. Not only are parent’s influence self confidence in children, so are their peer group. For a child who has a solid foundation of love and support, self- confidence even in peer interactions is a certainty.

Building confidence in children helps equip them to make good decisions. Moreover, they have what may seem like the innate ability to encourage themselves and remain motivated without having to look to an external source for encouragement. Self- reliance is a powerful tool that any parent concerned with developing healthy self confidence in children will certainly make a part of everyday life. For example, children have a tremendous capacity to learn. As such, parents should be encouraged to challenge and encourage their children’s abilities and curiosities by allowing a certain level of safe independence and thereby building confidence in children.

With trusting the child to make decisions and take decisive steps, a certain level of balance must be struck that offers the child guidance and wisdom that serves as effective parameters in which they can operate. Some freedom; however, is not complete freedom. Building confidence in children helps them to look at a situation, evaluate the benefits and risks, and make a decision based on what has been determined. Self-confident children are then able to weigh the options any situation or circumstance presents, and move confidently toward a reasonable and logical conclusion. Building confidence in children is about presenting a variety of scenarios and allowing them the freedom to make the choice; and if a better or more reasonable option is available, gently guiding them to that option and explaining why it may be a better choice.

Although difficult, it is important for parent’s to not fall into the trap of making the decision for the child. This serves to undermine the self confidence in children and child may develop and create situations of self-doubt and insecurity. Moreover, remembering that teaching good decision making as a manifestation of self-confidence is a gradual process. Just like it takes time for a parent to teach a child how to ride a bike, it takes time to teach and build self confidence in children.

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