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Your Body After Pregnancy

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Going through a pregnancy changes a woman’s body in many ways, and if you are experiencing your first pregnancy you are probably wondering what happens to your body after pregnancy. Don’t worry, because even though these changes are occurring, it is natural for your body after pregnancy to adjust back to be similar to your pre-pregnancy body.

Immediately After Giving Childbirth

There are a few surprising things that occur to your body after pregnancy, the first thing that happens right after childbirth is that the woman will continue to bleed for two to eight weeks after delivery. This postnatal bleeding is similar to having a heavy period, and it is how the body gets rid of the excess tissue in the uterus.

Additionally, many women are surprised to see that they still have a round stomach, because they assume that your body after pregnancy will be slimmer since there is no baby inside. But, the uterus actually shrinks down to the size that is was about halfway through the pregnancy, and will continue to shrink over time. Don’t fret if you still look pregnant when leaving the hospital, because you will need some time to heal your body after pregnancy.

Continued Pains After Pregnancy

You may continue to experience some pains in your body after pregnancy, such as after-pains in the uterus and stomach areas, sore and engorged breasts, and back pain from the delivery. Be patient, and these pains will go away with time.

The engorged breasts are a result of the body making adjustments to prepare for breastfeeding. Feeding your baby may be more difficult than you anticipate, and you many consider a consultation with a lactation specialist if you are continuing to experience pain.

During this breastfeeding time, it is also common for a woman to experience skin problems and have some of her hair fall out. The body automatically makes it a priority to give the nutrition to the breast milk so that they baby can grow and develop, which may result in lower amounts of nutrition for the mother. Additionally, the hormonal changes can cause the hair to fall out.

Long Term Changes to Your Body After Pregnancy

Following a healthy lifestyle will help you to lose the weight, but be patient because you need to remember that there are still changes that are occurring to your body after pregnancy. Many women have a slightly different body shape as a result of the changes in the hips and stomach to accommodate the baby.

Another surprising long term change to your body after pregnancy is the daily urination and bowel movements. During pregnancy, the frequency of urination increases, and many women report that their bladder is never the same… they continue to have bathroom visits more often. Also, it will take awhile for the bowel movements to balance out, especially if you experienced constipation during the pregnancy.

Don’t fret about the changes that are occurring while you are carrying your baby, because with a little bit of time you will be able to be happy with your body after pregnancy.

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