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Eating Healthy During Pregnancy is Important

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Eating healthy during pregnancy is an essential element in maintaining good health for both the mother and baby. Food aversions can make it difficult to make healthy food choices during this time, however it is very important to setup a plan to be sure that you are eating healthy during pregnancy.

Why Healthy Eating is Important

During a pregnancy, the fetus is quickly growing, and it requires specific vitamins and minerals in order to properly develop. Additionally, the mother’s body is also experiencing changes as she prepares for the delivery. Healthy eating during pregnancy is as important as your diet after pregnancy in order to be sure that proper nutrition is available in the mother’s breast milk.

Another reason that eating healthy during pregnancy is important is because a food eating plan can help the mother manage the weight that she is gaining. Many women make the mistake of eating high amounts of junk food, which can lead to excess weight gain. It is good to gain a certain amount of weight during the pregnancy, but excess weight gain can lead to complications.

Pregnancy Nutritional Needs

The nutritional needs of a pregnant woman are different than the standard guidelines for eating, because a pregnant woman requires a higher amount of calories and nutrients. Eating healthy during pregnancy can allow you to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to support your body and the growth of the baby.

Focus on eating a good balance of protein rich foods, such as: chicken, beans, nuts and seeds, turkey, eggs, and low fat dairy products. Other good sources of nutrition are fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. When you are eating healthy during pregnancy, it means that you will fill your stomach with these healthy foods and avoid processed foods which are filled with chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

The food pyramid gives a good guideline to show a healthy, balanced diet. The foods listed on the pyramid include: grains, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and small amounts of healthy fats. Follow these guidelines to help ensure that you are eating healthy during pregnancy, and slightly increase your portion sizes in order to get enough calories during the day.

How to Handle Pregnancy Cravings

We know that it is important to be eating healthy during pregnancy, but sometimes those cravings can make it difficult to follow a healthy eating plan. Remember that it is OK to occasionally indulge on a treat. However, you need to be sure that these treats are eaten in moderation.

Instead of eating the treats whenever you want, try starting out with a plate full of healthy food. Once your stomach has been filled, allow yourself a serving of the treat that you are craving. This will decrease the portion size of the unhealthy food and prevent you from over eating.

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