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Self Confidence Tips For Women

By Sabina Rose
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a 9-year-old girl or a 99-year-old great-grandmother; none of us were born into this world brimming with self-confidence. As women, we all go through times in our lives when we are battling with ways of how to be more confident; whether self-confidence is lacking, we are struggling to maintain positive self image, or our confidence has been completed abated.

One of the most significant factors, particularly for women and self confidence is our tendency or propensity to become so involved and concerned regarding the welfare of others, we forget to focus time and energy on ourselves. And for those who do take time out to focus on self, there can often be feelings of guilt or selfishness. From little girls, many are taught to be submissive and not overly confident. These values to make us a good human may be bad self confidence tips. As adults, these early lessons, unfortunately, can lead to low or no self esteem (although that was not the intention of the lesson). However, it is never too late to begin developing habits or pick self confidence tips that teach us how to be more confident which will aid in the building or rebuilding of self-confidence.

Following are a few self confidence tips you may find helpful:

Don’t let the media’s portrayal of women influence you. Unfortunately, the media places a great deal of focus on impractical images of women. This causes a number of women to feel extremely uncomfortable with their appearance. How to be more confident as a woman if you are not comfortable with shape or size? No matter what you see on the television or in the magazines, just know that a lot of what you’re seeing is not realistic. Take stock of who you are as a woman; not just your physical attributes, but the person that you are and what you mean to yourself and others. Doing so will cause the media images to be less and less significant in your life.

Always smile and look confident. It is assumed that if you act confident then you are actually confident, and you will be treated accordingly. As you learn how to be more confident you will find that acting confidently is the first step. Once we evaluate what we are capable of and what our limits are we can then function within those boundaries. Confidence is the belief in oneself so start believing in YOU!

Take Risks. One of the best ways to help you build your self-confidence is to start taking risks. The process of learning how to be more confident is to take the risk of leaving what has not helped you so far. Try something you have contemplated but never done before. That’s right, come out of your comfort zone. When you see that your fears were unwarranted you will feel a sense of relief and the next time you feel like being a bit daring, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Find a mentor. Find a woman in your circle of influence who exemplifies the kind of confidence you would like to have. She could suggest self confidence tips that have helped her. Take the time to talk with her and let her know what your concerns are regarding your own confidence level. Who knows, she may be able to share with you the secrets to her confidence and in doing so, explore with you ways to build your confidence as well.

The most important of all self confidence tips is to make a start. You have already taken the first step in recognizing there may be an issue. The next step is to begin to move in a positive direction to address it. Before you know it, you too will be a confident woman others will want to emulate.


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