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Tips For Building Confidence In Children

By Senior Editor
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Children’s build-up of self-confidence starts at an early age so we as parents have to learn how to help them with this plight since we are the biggest influence on how our children view themselves. Often times we do way too much for our children to the point that we leave them with the notion that they are incapable of doing things by themselves and for themselves. Having high confidence will have a great impact on a child’s independence and success in adulthood so let’s get on the job to building confidence in children…Go Kids!!!

Here are some tips for Building Confidence in Children  

  • ALWAYS laugh with your child…NEVER laugh at him/her as this make your child shy away from having the desire to do different things because they think they are going to be laughed at and even as adults we know all too well that being laughed at is no joke. Remember we are building confidence in children, not there to tear it down.
  • Focus attention on things your child does well in such as swimming, skateboarding, coloring, writing, etc. No achievement is too small to praise for and important amongst different self confidence tips.
  • Have faith in your child and show it…let them know that they can do whatever they put their mind to and if they fall short just remind them that they can try again. Realizing that messing up and still succeed by trying again and again if necessary, helps building confidence in children.
  • Listen to your child and let them know that you’re listening by repeating what they say and giving positive prompts which will encourage them to continue.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feeling and encourage them to verbally express them.
  • Constructive criticism is a fine tip in between other self confidence tips. So be sure to criticize behavior and not your child. Make sure that your child understands that you are upset about an action or a behavior and not them personally.
  • Have a genuine respect for your child’s interests, even if you are bored out of your mind. Inquire about their friends and what’s going on at school and give positive feedback when necessary.
  • As the message of all self confidence tips, encourage your child to try different things and take chances. Achievement give a huge boost in building confidence in children and it allows them to see that they are can make mistakes and still be successful.
  • Get your child involved in sports, and always show them an abundance of support. Even if their team is not doing as well as expected continue to show that support and your child will learn that even if he is not the best he is still a winner for participating.
  • Give your child chores to do around the house and hold them accountable. This has to be implemented with other self confidence tips where we understand on how to deal with children when they make conscious mistakes.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your child as this will cause them to shut down in some cases. We want them to try lots of different things and become comfortable doing so but we do not want them to feel overwhelmed.

All self confidence tips have to be applied in balance as each child is different. It’s a thin, but important line to walk upon towards building self esteem in children.

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