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Which Country Consumes The Most Sugar Per Capita?

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Let us show you not only which country consumes the most sugar, but also sugar consumption per capita by country.

According to recent statistics gathered by Euromonitor International, the country that consumes most sugar is…the U.S. Yes, Americans are actually consuming a whopping 127 grams per day, beating the runner-up Germany by 23.5 grams more, according to the data provided from Euromonitor. People in the U.S seem to consume on average 2.54 times more sugar than what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends, which currently has a recommended sugar intake of 50 grams per day. The third position on the list goes to the Netherlands with a per capita sugar consumption of 102.5 grams per day. The top consuming sugar country’s neighbor, Canada, takes the tenth position with a sugar consumption per capita of 89.1 grams a day.

As mentioned earlier, WHO guidelines addresses the sugar consumption in the world by limiting the maximum intake of added sugars to 50 grams per day. WHO is currently pushing to reduce the recommended intake to 25 grams, but it is still under works. Looking at the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, they seem to include added sugars and solid fats as one recommendation, which they refer to as “empty calories”. You can consume a set of “empty calories”, which vary depending on age and gender. The recommendations are set as calories and not grams, but you can read more about USDA’s sugar intake guidelines here.

Sugar Consumption Statistics by County

Below is a list of sugar consumption per capita by country. Unfortunately, not all countries from around the world are included, but the data provided from Euromonitor would be enough to show which countries eat most sugar.


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  • Svitlana

    how did you calculate for Ukraine? we have about 38 kg per capita per year, if devide it on 365 days we have about 100 grams per capita per day. here i see 17 grams for Ukraine = 3 tea spoon !!!! are you kidding me?

  • McFifi

    I think this is wrong too. In India they have sugar in tea a number of times per day, and it is at least 2 teaspoons per cup, so that instantly changes their figure from the one given, and they eat sweets like burfi (a kind of fudge), and desserts, so I think this is incorrect.

  • Insaaf

    Your calculation on India is totally wrong. I think you got the decimal places wrong in your calculation. This is because India consumes approximately 25 million tons of sugar. You divide that by a population of 1.2 billion people. That gives you a daily consumption of 57 grams. That is 1000% greater than the unbelievable figure given in your graph above.