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TEST: Are you a sugar addict?

By Senior Editor
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Sugar Addict or Sugar Sensitive?

Being a sugar addict is not the same as being sensitive to sugar. If you are sensitive to sugar, you are able to eat a couple of sweets and then stop eating more. If you are an addict, you can’t stop until there are no sweets left. You are out of control and get withdrawal symptom if you don’t eat your sweets. To get the same emotional effect you will have to increase your sweet intake over time. Do the tests and see if you have  a problem.

Test 1 – Are you a sugar addict?

During this past year, have you ever:

  • been eating sweets to comfort yourself when you were angry, sad or bored?
  • neglected any of your commitments because you have eaten too much sweets?
  • been eating more sweets than you intended to do when you started eating?
  • been so occupied by sweets that you couldn’t think of anything else?
  • felt that you need to change your sweet habits?
  • heard from friends or family that you shouldn’t eat so much sweets?

If you have answered “YES” two times or more, you might consider changing your sugar habits. To make sure, take another test.

Test 2 – Are you a sugar addict?

  • I eat a lot of sweets
  • I love white bread, pop corn and pasta
  • I am depressed and often think about food and body weight
  • I often overreact on stressful situations and/or have a bad temper
  • I often hide my sweets
  • I have been on a diet more than twice without permanent result
  • I easily break my promises
  • One or both of my parents have drinking problems
  • One or both of my parents like sweets a lot
  • I am surrounded by people who have problems with food/alcohol

If you have answered yes four times or more, you probably have got a problem.

Don’t worry, there is a way out.

How to reduce your craving for sweets and stabilize your sugar level:

  • Eliminate sugar and all foods with high GI (fast carbohydrates) from your diet. In extreme cases you might even have to stop eating fruits.
  • Eat foods with low GI (slow carbohydrates) and rich in fiber.
  • Eat nutritious food at a certain time everyday.
  • Avoid stressful situations that trigger your cravings for sweets.

Say no to: Refined carbohydrates (high GI)

The more refined a carbohydrate is (high GI), the faster the glucose is released into the bloodstream. Your blood sugar level will rise and fall very quickly, causing a sugar craving.

Say yes to: Complex carbohydrates (low GI)

The more complex a carbohydrate is (low GI), the longer it takes for the body to digest it. You will feel fuller for a longer time after eating, and you will not be craving for any sugar/snacks between meals.

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