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10 reasons why you should cut down on sugar

By Senior Editor
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Sugar affects your mood and energy

It’s hard to give up the candies and the white bread if you can’t see the benefits by doing so. A diet with fast carbohydrates/high GI (sugar, sweets, white bread) triggers a rise in your blood sugar levels while a food with a low GI (fiber rich whole grains, fruits, vegetables) will bring about a slower rise.

The benefits of a low-sugar diet

When you start on your low-sugar diet, you may experience some negative reactions for a couple of weeks. You may feel a some worry, irritation, or depression, but this will soon pass.  With a little patience you will feel better than ever! You won’t miss your sweets because the positive effects are that great. Let’s find out what you will gain as you cut down on sugar.

  1. You will have more energy
  2. You will lose weight
  3. You will feel more calm and stable mentally and emotionally
  4. Your skin and hair quality will improve
  5. Your sleep will improve
  6. You will not catch cold or get sick that often
  7. You will reduce the risk of having infections
  8. You will reduce the risk of having Osteoporosis
  9. You will reduce the risk of having diabetes type 2, heart disease, some types of cancer and gall stones (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
  10. You will be able to really “taste” and enjoy your food. When you eat a lot of sugar (and salt)  your taste sensor will suffer and your food seems tasteless. With a low sugar-intake your taste sensor will improve. Enjoy!
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