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The Many Benefits of Green Tea

By Senior Editor
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We live in a world that has become alarmingly obsessed with physical appearance. We’ve become so accustomed to getting what we want with the click of a button, that the result is a population that demands similarly instantaneous results when it comes to achieving their ideal physical figure.

We have a growing tendency to fight fat like the plague and many have found themselves so desperate to reach a certain weight, that they’re willing to do absolutely anything it take to see results. Unfortunately, many men and women alike are willing to sacrifice their health in the name of a leaner waistline. Media bombardment of unrealistic physical expectations may be partly to blame; however, the internet is where the real danger lies.

Unsettling nutrition trends

Now, more than ever, online portals provide dieters with access to diet pills, cleansers and weight loss techniques that may not necessarily be approved by a certified governing body or recommended by physicians. Turning to pills, shakes and cleansers may be temporarily effective when it comes to shedding pounds, however, the long-term affects these methods may have on your health has proven to be less-than-desirable. Several of these methods have not been studied over long-periods of time and are still deemed experimental in nature.

Make healthy choices a priority

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, and still maintain a healthy standard of living, there are natural and proven methods to fighting fat and keeping your health in top-notch condition. An easy to access, simple and organic method of nutritious weight loss is available in the form of green tea. Green tea is an effective fat burning agent that provides necessary antioxidants to the body and can help keep you energized, strong and on your way to a fitter figure.

Incorporating tradition into a modern diet

While the Chinese population has been utilizing green tea for centuries, it is a relatively new weight loss product to be recognized in markets across North America. The beauty of green tea lies not only in the immediate effects it can provide, but the long-term health advantages it may also account for.

In Asian culture, green tea is often used to cure headaches on a daily basis. Additionally, studies have shown that drinking green tea can reduce your chances of developing certain cancers and can help lower damaging cholesterol levels. Highly saturated in health-promoting antioxidants, green tea helps fight cellular breakdown throughout the body. This quality can assist green tea drinkers in avoiding painful symptoms associated with arthritis, blood clots, heart attacks as well as strokes.

Drinking the pounds away

It is believed that green tea helps boost metabolism and therefore, can work to burn fat more quickly. When used in combination with a healthy amount of additional daily caffeine, green tea can provide significant weight-loss results. Green tea consumers can rest assured that the only proven side effect to drinking this organic beverage is difficulty sleeping, as tea is naturally infused with caffeine. Luckily, green tea contains far less caffeine than coffee and may be a good option for those who want to cut back caffeine counts during the day while continuing to lose weight.

Blueberry/green tea combinations

If simple green tea doesn’t seem appealing enough on its own, those looking to lose weight while incorporating a variety of flavors into their plan should consider a blueberry/green tea mix. Blueberry leaves are available at your local health store and can be seeped in green tea for 20 minutes to create a delicious and nutritious anti-oxidant saturated super- beverage.

Blueberries are believed to not only provided for a great number of cell- protecting antioxidants, but also contain natural properties that help to avoid liver damage and promote brain function. The combination of blueberry and green tea results in a fat burning and healthy option in weight loss technique.

Choosing the path of healthy living

The next time you’re in the health aisle at the store, stop yourself before you reach for the diet pills and weight loss shakes. Instead, try a box of green tea and burn away fat with methods that are both safe and healthy. A cup of green tea today will not only help you maintain your figure, it may also be the key to avoiding long-term illnesses in the future.

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