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How to Curb Sweet Cravings

By Mark Slansky
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The day you begin your diet is full of motivation and inspiration. You have your goals clearly set before you and nothing is going to get in between you and your new, fit and toned self. The intentions seem to be flawless until you’re faced with that first bout of temptation. While it may feel impossible in the moment, learning how to curb sweet cravings doesn’t necessarily have to be a painful process. While many people assume that dieting is equivalent to starving, often, losing those extra pounds comes down to knowing when and how to supplement a sweet treat.

The influence of H2O

While it may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you’re battling the desire to reach into the cookie jar; water can in fact, work wonders when you’re trying to figure out how to curb sweet cravings. When you feel the urge to destroy your carefully maintained diet by indulging in a calorie-packed treat, try a glass of water instead. Understandably less exciting, water is still tremendously more filling than any sugary substance might be. Drinking water can create a lasting illusion of feeling full, and keep you from doing or eating something you’ll regret later.

Mind over movement

The ability to curb sweet cravings can come down to simply moving in the right direction. In those moments when you feel yourself giving into temptation, change paths and head for your running shoes instead. Exercise has proven time and again to be a great way to curb sweet cravings. Not only does it take your mind off the snacks, but it raises the heart rate and release endorphins—both of which make you feel satisfied without adding in the calories.

Find a fruit & veggie fix

Part of the problem when it comes to learning how to curb sweet cravings, is the sheer accessibility of all the calorie-packed items in our homes. Chips, chocolate and cookies tend to take a front row seat on our countertops and cabinets. A great way to curb sweet cravings is to replace sugary items with fruits and veggies. The items that are within reach are more likely to be your snack of choice. Give healthy foods a chance to fill that hunger void by altering their place of important in the kitchen.

Cherish the cheat day

It’s easier to avoid craving sweets if you know that at least one day a week, you’ll have the chance to give into them. Many health experts recommend that a ‘cheat day’ be scheduled into your diet. One day a week, you’ll allow yourself a treat that would otherwise be considered off limits. This gives you something to look forward to on a regular basis and also keeps you from feeling helpless when it comes to intense food fantasies. Don’t let those cravings get you down. A cheat day could be just the thing you need to fill the sweetness void and still maintain a strong and lean figure.

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