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Eat right and lose weight during PMS

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During PMS we can actually lose weight faster. We burn more calories during PMS, which means that you can lose weight faster if you eat right!

We burn 150 calories extra during PMS

According to nutrition expert Debra Waterhouse we burn 150 extra calories during PMS. A study made by University of Adelaide in Australia, shows that we burn up to 30% more fat during period.

Eat healthy during PMS and lose weight

The problem is that women instinctively eat unhealthy food during PMS. We reach out of the food pyramid an look for junk food. Sugar, refined carbs, chocolate, cookies or ice cream are some of the things we crave. This unhealthy food only makes us feel worse because its quick upswing in blood sugar levels is followed by a rapid decline. The result is that the hunger strikes again.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits during PMS and lose weight faster, you should try and eat healthy foods. If you eat right you will ease your PMS symptoms and thereby lose weight faster.

Weight loss tips during PMS

Here are some tips on how to eat during PMS:

  • Avoid salt some days before your period – it helps reduce bloating and fluid retention
  • Drink a lot of water – it helps reducing PMS bloating
  • Cut back on sugar and fat
  • Eat wholesome carbohydrates, rich in nutrients and fiber – makes you feel full longer
  • Eat some lean protein and healthy fat to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates – keeps the cravings at bay
  • Eat small healthy frequent meals – it keeps your blood sugar stable and you will avoid cravings
  • Cut back on caffeine and alcohol – affects your sleep, mood and appetite
  • Stay physically active – burns calories, is a stress reducer and mood enhancer
  • Eat calcium (1200 mg) and vitamin D (400 mg) every day – split your calcium dose for better absorption. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb Calcium. A Turkish study on PMS symptoms in adolescent girls found that higher milk consumption was associated with reduced bloating, cramps, and food cravings. A study made by the Columbia University showed that, women with moderate to severe PMS who took tablets every day containing 1200 mg calcium, showed a 48% reduction in PMS symptoms. According to Archives of Internal Medicine a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D showed a 40% lower risk of developing PMS.
  • Try flax seed if you have breast pain during PMS. According to studies at the University of Toronto reported much less breast pain when eating 25 grams of flax seed every day.
  • Some studies suggest you take magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E to help reduce PMS symptoms. Further research is needed on these therapies.
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