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Foods For Stomach Ulcers - Good Foods That Heal Stomach Ulcers
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Foods for Stomach Ulcer

By Sabina Rose
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There are some good foods for stomach ulcers that are gentle to your stomach. You can even expect some foods have the ability to sligthly heal the ulcer.

As you probably know, stomach ulcers are caused by hyper-acidity. People suffering from stomach ulcer (peptic ulcer) often experience burning pain. This pain may occur at night when the stomach is empty, or after a meal due to something that has been digested that irritates the stomach.

Foods that heal Stomach Ulcers

The good news is that there are certain fruits and vegetables that can actually neutralize the acidity in the stomach and cure stomach ulcer. Let’s take a look at a few stomach ulcer foods that could ease the pain.

  • Grapefruit Seeds – Grapefruit seeds extract may shrink and heal stomach ulcers, according to a Polish study in rats. The extract from grapefruits seeds has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties that calm the gastric tract. The team from Jagellonian University Medical College in Poland examined the effects of grapefruit seeds in rats with induced stomach ulcer. The results showed that rats that received extract of grapefruit seeds, decreased stomach acid levels. In addition, the results showed an increased blood flow in the area around the stomach and intestines, and after sixteen days, the stomach ulcers in the rats were completely gone.
  • Banana – Besides grapefruit seeds, bananas can also be beneficial if you suffer from stomach ulcers. It’s the serotonin in the banana that helps neutralizing the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid. Banana also contain pectin and vitamin C that helps to coat the inflamed surface and helps it to heal faster. The substance in banana, called protease inhibitors, help eliminate the bacteria in the stomach that causes stomach ulcer. Some suggest mixing banana with milk can ease stomach ulcer. Be aware that although milk provides brief relief of ulcer pain because it coats the stomach lining, it also stimulates more acid which can aggravate stomach ulcer. If you want pain relief, try cabbage juice instead, see below.
  • Cabbage – Cabbage juice gives relief from pain caused by stomach ulcers, and the recovery time is said to lessen by one third. It is said that 19 out of 20 patients get instant pain relief with cabbage juice, so it may be worth a try.
  • Garlic – Garlic is also something to add on to your diet if you suffer from stomach ulcer. Garlic contains anti-ulcer properties and retard the damage caused by stomach ulcer. Garlic causes a mild irritation leading to the production of protective hormone that strengthens the resistance of the stomach lining.
  • Lime –Lime is also beneficial to neutralize the acidity that causes stomach ulcers as it removes the effects of greasy foods causing gastric acidity. Lime contains citric acid that has an alkaline reaction that neutralizes the hyper-acidity in the stomach; thus preventing stomach ulcers. Please note that lime has the best effect as a preventive measure.

Now that you know some good foods that heal stomach ulcers you might want to implement them in your diet!

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