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Select Healthy Main Ingredients in your Creation
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Select Healthy Main Ingredients in your Creation

By Senior Editor
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Eat Healthy – Know the Basics

In order to eat healthy, you need to know how to do some basic cooking, rather than being able to keep up with technical recipes in cookbooks. Don’t worry if you can’t follow a cookbook exactly. You can still eat healthy without that knowledge. Many recipes are too difficult to follow, and they may not even be healthy recipes.

Substitute healthy foods for the fatty foods

If you see a dish you’d like to fix, jot down the main ingredients and then work them into a recipe of your own. Substitute healthy foods for any fatty foods in recipes. You can make “recipes” of your own, by adding to taste instead of relying on a cookbook. Instead of blindly following recipes, you can learn to understand cooking with your experiences. In this way you develop your own skills, and you can use healthy foods to make tasty dishes that are also good for you.

Use common sense

Chefs are good at cooking because they use common sense and wisdom and they know the proportions they need to make a dish tasty. They are true artists, and they don’t mark down exactly what they use, so that anyone can follow along. Their knowledge is taken by publishers who use testers to determine the correct amounts of the ingredients.

Healthy eating does not mean blindly following a list of ingredients in a book. You’ll develop your own feel for how much of each food you need, and your dishes will work for you and your family because you have learned through practice.

Select healthy main ingredients

You will need to determine what the main ingredient will be in your creation. This isn’t something you can “fake” or learn on the fly. Select healthy main ingredients for your dishes, or they won’t fit into your healthy eating plan.

Sometimes you will have already purchased a meal mainstay, if you saw a particularly good meal item when you were grocery shopping. Add to that, and make it into a healthy meal. You know what your family likes and dislikes, so you won’t disappoint them. Everything after the main food is in proportion to that.

Use a Healthy Cookbook

Following cookbook instructions may be easier for those who have been doing this for a long time. They may be accustomed to measuring out so much of this and that. You can use a healthy cookbook if that works better for you. Remember that the portions listed may not be correct for the size of your family, so some adjustments might be needed. If recipes call for fatty foods, substitute non-fat items in their place.

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