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New Year's Resolutions
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New Year's Resolutions

By Senior Editor
Food Pyramid -

First of all we at FoodPyramid.com wish all our readers a Happy New Year!

The day has come when millions of people talk and discuss what their New Year’s resolutions should be for the coming year. The fact is that a majority  of   people will break them.  Maybe it’s because the resolutions often deal with a weakness.  Making the resolution is easy but sticking to it is the tough part.

Here are just a few solid tips we would like to share:

  1. Take baby steps. If you are looking to lose weight don’t expect to lose 25-pounds in one day. Break it down into smaller pieces. You might not see results immediately but you will slowly build success.
  2. Visualize. This is a very important part in order to succeed. It will  only take a few minutes of your day. What ever your goal is, visualize it with all your senses.
  3. Reach out to like-minded. If you want to lose weight reach out to people that have the same goals. In that way you can support each other.

Visualization is a powerful tool. If you for example want to lose weight you need to think of how you  look and feel once your goal is reached. Do it on a daily basis.

Please share your New Year’s resolutions with us.

Happy New Year To You All!

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