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Celebrities with weight problems
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Celebrities with weight problems

By Senior Editor
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Nicole Richie is healthy again

In the TV-series Simple Life Nicole Richie looked like a girl next door with her naturally curves, but then something happened. All of a sudden Nicole Richie lost a lot of weight. Her father Lionel Richie was very worried. She saw treatment for her weight issues and it seemed to have helped.  In January 2008 Nicole Richie gave birth to a baby girl. Now, she will soon have her second child and we hope that she is feeling well and healthy.

Courtney Love struggles with weight

Courtney Love has been struggling with drugs and alcohol and in 2008 she also had problems with her weight. She was thinner than ever. Courtney Love’s 2007 New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. Unfortunately, she lost too much weight and looked very unhealthy.  On one of her concerts, she took a swig from a protein shake, then apologized to the crowd, saying: “had to take care of my eating disorder.” She then said she was joking and declared, “I don’t have an eating disorder.” We hope that she has changed her diet by now and is eating real food.

Courtney Cox lost weight but is now very healthy

What happened with the other Courtney, Courtney Cox? She has always been healthy and glowing. In 2008 she shrunk two sizes. Yes, she has been skinny from time to time during “Friends” but never like that. Fortunately, she came around very quickly and today she looks healthy again.

Today Cate Blanchett is healthy as ever

In the beginning of 2007, Cate Blanchett lost much weight. It seamed like she had fallen for the pressure to become a size zero. The picture to the left was taken at the Costume Institute Gala in 2007 and according to the paper Daily Mail the guests were chocked by Cate’s dramatic change. Fortunately  this change wasn’t for good. Today, she is back to her “old” self again.

Many celebrities are fighting with weight problems. Is it because of the pressure to become a size zero? Or is size zero not the ideal look any more? Has the trend shifted, or is size zero still what celebrities strive for?

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