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How To Get Rid Of Bruises - Ways To Make Bruising Disappear
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How to get rid of bruises

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How do you get rid of bruises? Well, it is no secret that bruises is something we all have experienced during our lifetime. However, finding the best way to get rid of bruises is something many of us have not figured out yet. There are many ways to treat a bruised area, and as some methods may work well for you, same methods might have no effect for others. Also, depending on how serious the bruise is, the location of the bruise, and its size, each method you use could be different. However, keep reading and you will find some of the best ways to get rid of bruises.

rid bruises

A bumped knee might end up with a colorful bruise.

Ways to get rid of bruises

Sometimes you suffer from an ugly bruise nuisance on your face or arms when an important event of your life is right around the corner. In such scenarios you struggle to land the fastest way to get rid of a bruise. Well, the good news is that you have an array of options to choose from here below, and it is just a matter of finding your personal best way that will work for you. Let’s explore what gets rid of bruises effectively:

1. Applying ice on a bruise – In order to subdue inflammation, icing a bruise is among the most popular and helpful ways to get rid of bruises. You will need a resealable plastic bag filled with ice chips and directly apply it to the bruised region. You can also use a frozen bag of vegetables from your fridge. Whatever you use as an ice pack you will apply it for fifteen minutes to the bruised area. Then take one hour rest before you apply the ice pack again to successfully reduce the swelling. If you apply the ice pack for an extensive time it may lead to skin itchiness.

2. Heat for bruises – Warm compress is an effective treatment to heal bruises quickly. Take a cloth, dip it in warm water, and apply it on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes. You will need to repeat this process several times during the day, depending on the severity of inflammation and pain. You can also iron a warm cloth and massage the area. The heat allows to increase the flow of blood to the injured tissue and to pace up the healing process. Using heat for bruises works best if you have had the bruise for a few days. If the bruise is fresh apply ice instead.

3. Vicks for bruises – Vicks is an over-the-counter topical ointment that has various uses in our everyday life. One main usage of Vicks is how it assists in getting rid of bruises in a fast manner. The ingredients present in Vicks aid the healing process by breaking down the accumulated blood clot in the region. So for those of you left wondering how to get rid of bruises efficiently, applying Vicks may help in fading the discoloration of the injured area.

4. Vinegar for bruises – One of the main reasons why vinegar is considered to be an effective remedy to get rid of bruises is due to its ability of increasing the blood flow in the area where it’s applied. If you apply vinegar to the bruised region, the blood flow will be enhanced which will dissipate the pool of blood accumulated in the injured region. It is best to apply apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water for it is a popular method for getting rid of bruises. However, using white vinegar have been reported to work as well.

5. Banana peel for bruises – Banana peels are known to cure various skin related problems. It comes as no surprise that they might be a successful remedy for getting rid of bruises. Some people have seen results with this method. Bananas have a mixture of enzymes called Bromelain, which has a blood-thinning effect. What you need to do is to cut a banana peel of approximately the same size as your bruise. Rub it on the region for a few minutes and repeat this process daily to see a noticeable difference.

6. Epsom salt for bruises – Epsom salt has been used since centuries as a popular topical treatment for relieving skin pain and healing sour muscles. By soaking your bruise in a mixture of Epsom salt and water for a while you will feel the inflammation pain pacifying. It is best to have a long warm bath with Epsom salt to heal your swollen bruise. This is because Epsom salt has a relaxing effect on the muscles which aids in the process of healing the injured region.

7. Aloe Vera for bruises – Aloe Vera has a medicinal usage in alleviating muscle and bruise pain. Whenever you question the elderly as to how to get rid of bruises they suggest using Aloe Vera as the ultimate cure for relieving bruise pain. Just cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and apply the gel on the bruised area, but If you do not have access to the plant you can buy a tube of pure Aloe Vera gel.

8. Essential Oils for bruises – How do you get rid of bruises by using essential oils? Bruises can be treated by using essential oils giving a soothing effect to the bruised area. The most popular essential oils used for massaging a bruised region are Fennel, Hyssop or Lavender. You need to be careful that in your attempt of getting rid of bruises with oils, you do not apply excessive pressure on the vulnerable area. While massaging you need to control your finger movement so they are headed outwards from the middle of the bruise.

9. Elevation – You can use gravity to your advantage by elevating your bruised area, such as leg or hand. This will make the flow of blood smoother and after a while you might see an improvement. However, this method is usually part of the RICE approach, which is the abbreviation for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

10. Wrap an elastic bandage – Immediately after suffering a heavy blow or trauma you need to wrap an elastic bandage tightly around the bruised region. This will prevent the blood to leak from the capillaries underneath the skin and as a result a severe swollen bruise can be avoided.

11. Arnica – The use of Arnica cream can help relieve symptoms of bruising. Just apply to the affected area and massage gently. Arnica has also been recommended by Dr Oz.

When to see a doctor?

Although most bruises are not severe and may not require medical attention this may not always be the case. If you notice reoccurring bruises without any significant trauma, injury or fall then it is best to consult a doctor. Also, if your bruise is accompanied with a very high fever or you feel that your bruise is getting infected then this may be an alarming situation. Sometimes, lack of oxygen to the tissues lead to a permanent paralysis and such a condition is known as compartment syndrome.


What is a Bruise?

As a result of impingement, the blood capillaries near the skin surface are damaged. You must have witnessed that upon hitting your hand or leg on a hard surface, the affected area suddenly becomes blackish-blue and swollen. This is because the broken capillaries start to leak in the surrounding tissues. It is advised by doctors to never leave the bruised area unattended. We often exhibit carelessness when it comes to bruises and assume that it will heal on its own. Getting rid of bruises is a simple task but you need to repeat the chosen method properly. Bruises accumulate blood in the trauma region for at least 10 to 15 days During that time your skin might also go through color changes ranging from green to yellow.

How do you get a bruise?

As explained above, bruises are a form of skin discoloration that occurs as a result of injury or trauma. You can get a bruise in different ways. Here are a few:

  • Trauma and Injuries – The most common way of getting bruises is to experience different levels of injuries to your body. It might be bumping your knee on to a table, hitting your fingers and toes, or more severe levels of trauma.
  • Aggressive exercises and work out regime – Athletes and weightlifters may experience bruises mainly due to the excessive stress and tension applied on the muscles. Upon rigorous exercise, the fine blood capillaries may sometime suffer microscopic tear and suddenly the area is seen turning blue or black.
  • Bruises in elderly people – As you age your skin starts to become thinner. As a result, the cushioning support of the tissues provided to the blood capillaries near the skin starts to deteriorate. This results in reoccurring bruises on your legs and other regions. This is the main reason why doctors recommend elderly individuals to make Vitamin C an essential part of their daily diet.
  • Bleeding disorder – In extreme cases, some individuals suffer from rare disorders such as Thrombocytopenic purpura in which random blood clots appear all over the body.

If you get a bruise from one of your daily routines, will any of the suggested ways to get rid of bruise work?

No, not all methods will work for you. It will depend on how you got the bruise, its location, and the size of it.

I am just interested to know how to get rid of bruises fast. Is there ways to get rid of bruises instantly?

There is not really a quick fix to get rid of bruises instantly. Each method can have great success, but there is no “one” solution for all. If you find one please share your secret method.

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