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Minerals | Food Pyramid


When you think of minerals, food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Are minerals not found in rocks and soil?.  Well, yes that is correct, but you will also find small amounts of some minerals in food we eat.

Minerals – Fuel for the body

Minerals are substances work together with vitamins to fuel your body in many ways. The human body requires minerals to function properly. Minerals are important to build strong bones, transmission of nerve signals and to maintain a normal heart rhythm. They are also used to produce hormones in the body.

Mineral Supplements

Some people don’t get enough minerals through their diet and may need help from mineral supplements. Different medications and health conditions may cause mineral deficiency. Some groups are more in need of mineral supplements than others. For example, if you are pregnant, vegetarian, under a lot of stress, or getting older, you may need dietary supplements to increase your mineral supply. Excessive alcohol consumption and poor diet may also cause mineral deficiency. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, and selenium deficiencies are common in parts of the U.S. population. A well balanced diet together with mineral supplements will easily restore your nutrient levels.

Minerals – Macro and Micro Elements

Minerals can be divided into macro elements and micro elements (often called trace minerals) by the body’s need for substance. Macro-means large in Latin and the minerals included in the macro elements are simply those that the human body has a greater need for, compared with the minerals belonging to the micro-elements (micro means small).

For a closer look on the macro elements and the micro elements check out the list of dietary minerals. It will list each mineral explaining its function and recommended intake.