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Healthy Breakfast?
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Healthy Breakfast?

By Senior Editor
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Do you think that cereal with sweetened yogurt, juice and sandwiches is a healthy breakfast?

Well, it’s not as healthy as you might think. You can do better than that.

Processed Breakfast Foods

Cereals, juices and white bread are processed foods that often contain added sugars. The sugar level is very desirable, because it is a quick fuel in the morning but it has damaging consequences in the long rung. Furthermore, most cereals and sugars also contain Gluten, which can be very bad for your stomach if you are sensitive. According to research, about 30% of all Americans are sensitive to Gluten to some degree, so pay attention to the cereals and breads that you have for breakfast.

Sugar rich breakfast makes you tired

If you have breakfast rich in sugars you may also experience a loss of energy. A diet rich in sugar activates your insulin secretion. A breakfast with a high GI (Glycemic Index), will raise your blood sugar will go up for a short period of time and then fall again, leaving you tired and hungry. If you eat too much sugar, more sugar than the body needs, the sugar will be converted to fat for storage and this can lead to Obesity.

Gluten rich breakfast makes you Hungry, Tired and Anxious

If you often feel tired and hungry, and perhaps nervous and anxious, you probably need to change your eating habits.  If you have breakfast rich in Gluten and sugar, you may seriously damage your body. People who are Gluten sensitive often experience problems with their stomach and fatigue.

What is a Healthy Breakfast?

A better start on your day is to have breakfast with a low GI (Glycemic Index). Here are examples of healthy breakfast alternatives:

  • A Fresh fruit salad is a healthy breakfast alternative. Cut up some apples, oranges, bananas, melons etc. Don’t forget the berries in your fruit salad. Blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries, are filled with healthy antioxidants.
  • A natural yogurt with nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit and berries is also a very healthy breakfast choice.
  • Oatmeal with flax seed, blueberries and almonds, is another healthy breakfast alternative. This tasty breakfast has a lot of fiber, nutrients, protein and healthy fats.
  • Quinoa omelet with Parmesan Cheese and Avocado is also a healthy breakfast choice. Quinoa is Gluten free and contains many nutrients. Parmesan cheese is low on calories, and Avocado contains the heart healthy monounsaturated fat, as well as many vitamins and minerals.
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