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Weight loss with permanent success

By Senior Editor
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Have you tried all the latest weight loss programs without any permanent success and been wondering why it never works? Don’t worry. The answers are not as complicated as you might think. Let us give you a few weight loss tips.

Long-term program

If you want your weight loss to be successful you should avoid a quick fix. A long-term program for your diet and weight loss is a much more successful approach. If you have a long-term program with your diet and training, you should be able to reduce your weight by 1-2 lbs (0.5-0.9 kg) a week.

Your successful diet should be compounded so you are able to:

  • keep the diet for longer than a couple of days
  • lose weight and then keep the new weight
  • feel full the whole day instead of feeling hungry
  • feel happy and energetic instead of being irritated and tired

How to obtain a successful diet:

  • Your diet should give you enough energy so your fluid balance doesn’t get disturbed.
  • Your diet should reduce the fat mass while maintaining the muscle mass.
  • If you can’t skip eating unhealthy food then try to add vegetables, root fruits, fruits and berries in your diet. After a while your craving for unhealthy food will vanish or at least decrease. Try to fill half of your plate with vegetables. By just following this rule you will automatically lose weight.
  • Eat smaller meals and stop when you are full. If you are still hungry then eat more of the vegetables and finish with a fruit.
  • Eat three meals and two healthy snacks a day. Since you are eating smaller meals you should spread the meals throughout the day. This way you never feel hungry and you will have an even and high digestion. If you skip meals your body will think that you are starving and its respond will be a slower metabolism. Your blood sugar level will also fall and the temptation for chocolate or some other unhealthy snack will increase. Fruit is a good choice for the two daily snacks.
  • Reduce the fat intake by switching to products with less fat: eat low fat butter and cheese, use olive oil instead of margarine in your cooking.
  • Drink water and avoid soft drinks.
  • Avoid alcohol since it has many calories. The stronger your drink is, the more calories it contains. There is also a big risk that you will have an unhealthy snack to go with your drink.

This doesn’t seem too hard, wright? Well, that’s the whole point. Begin with these small changes and see how it goes. Good luck!

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