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How To Store Muffins and Keep the Moist and Freshness
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How To Store Muffins

Baking homemade muffins might seem pretty simple. Whether making a sweet quick bread like blueberry muffins or some savory corn muffins, you will want to know how to store muffins properly if you want them to last. Getting muffins to bake and turn out perfectly is only half the work. Keeping the muffins moist and preserving freshness can however be tricky. Proper cooling and storage to keep muffins fresh and tasty will help them maintain flavor without drying out. Let’s see a few ways you can store muffins that will keep the flavor and texture of your muffins.


Don’t know how to store blueberry muffins for later?


How to Keep Muffins Fresh

The key to keeping muffins fresh is proper storage. However, timing is also extremely important too. It is a balance of storing muffins in the right place at the right time to maintain flavor and texture while keeping the muffins moist, but not mushy. In order to do this, proper cooling time and storage choice is important.

Cooling and Storing Muffins

Before storing muffins, it is important to make sure that you allow proper time and place for cooling. Sweet and moist homemade muffins like banana or blueberry muffins need to sit in the muffin pan for approximately five minutes after cooking before removing the muffins and setting them on a cooling rack. Dryer, savory muffins like corn muffins may need a few more minutes. Minimizing the time that muffins are left in the pan will prevent the muffins from getting soggy but will allow them to be firm enough to transfer. You can use a small rubber or flexible metal spatula to transfer the muffins from the muffin pan to the cooling rack. Once on the cooling rack, the muffins must be completely cooled off before storage. To store muffins properly, you need to consider how long you will want to store them. You might want to eat them within a day or maybe just store them for a much longer time.


Muffins cooling off before storing them.


How to Store Muffins Overnight

The best way to store muffins overnight is very simple. This method seems to preserve freshness and prevent muffins from drying out within the first 24 hours of making them. To keep the muffins moist overnight, leave them on the cooling rack and place a clean dish towel over them. This will keep your homemade muffins fresh and delicious for the next morning. If you know that the muffins you have baked will be eaten within the following day, you can also keep them in an air tight container. Just keep the container in room temperature and the texture and flavor should come out the way you want it.

Put a kitchen towel over the muffins and eat them within 24 hours.

Put a kitchen towel over the muffins and store them up to 24 hours.

Storing Muffins Between Two and Four Days

Leaving muffins exposed for too long allows the moisture to leak and the muffins will begin to dry out. Therefore, storing muffins after the first 24 hours will definitely require an airtight container of some kind. To tackle this problem you can use gallon-sized baggies, as long as you store the muffins in a single layer. A reusable plastic container works good too, but just don’ store the muffins on top of each other. While storing muffins in a container, an important step to take to keep the muffins moist is to line the bottom and top of the container with paper towel. This locks in moisture but ensures that the muffins don’t become too soggy. Storing muffins without paper towels is fine as well, but you will probably get them a little bit more soggy the longer you keep them.

Storing Muffins for Longer Time

The best way to store muffins beyond a few days is to freeze them. There might be a few different ways you can freeze muffins, but the easiest way is you just get a freezer bag, put the muffins, seal the freezer bag, and in to the freezer. Make sure to remove as much air out of the freezer bags you possibly can. Some people do also wrap each muffin individually in plastic wraps or foil, before using the freezing method.

If these steps have been taken, it should keep the muffins moist when you defrost them for up to 3 months. It’s also a good idea to properly label your homemade muffins with the date and type of muffin so that when you want to pull them out of the freezer, you know what you are getting and for how long they have been in the freezer. By the way, for those interested in baking muffins find out how you can freeze muffin batter as well.


I don’t know how to store muffins for a week. Should I just keep them in bags?

The best way to store muffins for a week is certainly by freezing them. It doesn’t matter how many muffins you have or the type of muffins you want to store. Just freeze them and then thaw them in room temperature, or reheat the frozen muffins in a microwave or oven.

Is it good to store muffins in the fridge?

You can store muffins in the fridge, but that temperature alters the texture of the muffin leaving it rather stale. In other words, not recommended.