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Where to buy Yacon Syrup

Before you go and buy yacon syrup it is important that you familiarize yourself with what you are actually buying. Make sure you read the article about yacon syrup and also the page about the yacon root.

Buying Yacon Syrup

There was a big rush to the stores after yacon syrup was reviewed during an episode of the Dr Oz show. At the time it wasn’t very easy to find the product because there was simply no demand for it. However, since the show aired, yacon syrup has been popping up in different stores, such as Whole Foods Market and Walmart. It is also likely you will find yacon syrup at a health store or supplement store, but they sometimes have added ingredients and often sold as a weight loss pill. So, where can you buy yacon syrup? Well, the best way is to simply buy yacon syrup online.

What you want is to buy 100% pure yacon syrup. It is the purest and best yacon syrup you can get. One of the best places to buy yacon syrup online would be through Amazon. Why? Well, they have several different brands to choose from and you can also read different yacon syrup reviews from real people that have actually bought and used the product. Prices are in general lower than in the stores and you may even qualify for free shipping. See a list of all yacon syrup products available on Amazon or check out the top sellers below.

Top most sold Yacon syrup brands on Amazon

**Updated February 29, 2016 – We have removed several yacon syrup brands because they are out of stock, but we will feature them again once they are available. There seem to be a high demand for yacon.**

Nature Botanicals Yacon Syrup

A popular brand that is back in stock. You can buy Nature Botanicals yacon syrup for quite cheap, which is why it is one of the most sold bottles. Discounts are offered if you buy more than one bottle.


Super Yacon Syrup 1000

A popular yacon syrup brand with 221 customer reviews hitting almost a 4 star rating. Manufactured exclusively for Märitz Mayer Laboratories and made in USA according to the labels on the bottles. Only a few bottles left as time of writing.


Yacon Syrup PREMIUM, 100% Pure Raw Organic by Life & Food

**Might be currently out of stock**

Currently, the most sold yacon syrup available in stock has over 511 reviews with a rating of 4 stars. A total of 75% of the reviewers rates this product 4 stars and above. Life & Food does also sell a few other appetite suppressant products.

Pure Yacon Syrup 8oz Bottle by Healthnex

**Might be out of stock***

On second place we have a yacon syrup offered by Healthnex, which have received 204 reviews with a rating of 4 stars. A total of 75% of the reviewers rates this product 4 stars and above. This Life & Food does also sell a few other appetite suppressant products.


Note: This time we have listed only the ones that have high customer feedback rating of four and up.



What if I might not like the taste of Yacon syrup?

Some people that have tried yacon syrup are set back by the taste. If you think that you might not like the taste of yacon syrup you can always try yacon pills. They often sell them in bottles of 60 capsules, which can be a better solution if you are still wanting to try the benefits of yacon syrup.

Is there a “best” yacon syrup brand?

If you purchase yacon syrup from two different brands, there shouldn’t be much difference in tast. Maybe the taste might differ slightly depending on where the yacon root was grown, but it should not be much difference. As for choosing a best yacon syrup brand, it is really a personal preference.

What stores carry yacon syrup?

We do not exactly know the stores that sell yacon syrup. However, we have seen yacon syrup in stores like Whole Foods and GNC, but they sometimes have other added ingredients not making it 100% pure. If anyone knows who sells yacon syrup, please share it with us and we will try to compile a list.