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By Luis Fernandez on
Those that live in need Before and after the 2012 presidential elections there has inevitably been a lot of talk about the overall condition of the economy. Politicians are asked daily what they intend to do to help struggling Americans out of the slump of unemployment. What strategies will the President implement to help Americans […]
By Helen Anderson on
According to the 2010 U.S. census bureau, which released their most recent numbers in September of 2011, nearly 17% of Americans are living without health insurance. As employment statistics continue to waiver, the number of those without coverage appears to be on the rise. While they may not be the first group to come to […]
By Helen Anderson on
Health care of days past Once upon a time, there were two options when it came to medical care: either you received it, or you didn’t. Perhaps at one point, the split between those who could afford health coverage and those who couldn’t may have appeared to be an even toss-up. If you fell into […]
By Mark Slansky on
What is health care reform all about? You may have heard it referred to in the media time and again as Obama-care. Why would national health care be referred to according to a president instead of as a national platform? What all those politicians and interviewees are talking about is a health care reform initiative […]