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Support For Parents With Learning Disabilities

By Mark Slansky
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We tend to think of learning disabilities as something only children struggle with. However, learning disabilities can equally affect adults and parents. While discussions surrounding childhood learning disabilities has become the norm, much less has been discussed on how to deal with learning disabilities that present themselves in adulthood. Here are some helpful tips and support options for parents with learning disabilities.

Online study courses

Education and therapies that have proven effective for children struggling with learning disabilities can also be applied to adults who are looking to overcome similar obstacles. While the life of a parent is inevitably busy, there are online courses and studies available that can keep the brain stimulated and help with symptoms of many types of learning disabilities. Online course work is effective and time efficient. Therapies and classes can be done at your convenience and easily fit into packed schedules.

Talk openly about your difficulties

Some adults feel an unspoken sense of shame when they aren’t able to help their children with homework or projects due to learning disabilities. While children may not understand exactly what’s going on, they have a tendency to sense adult embarrassment or hesitation on some level. Instead of hiding your worries from your child, parents with learning disabilities might try being open with their kids and letting them know that mom or dad is working hard to overcome a difficult situation. Setting an example of perseverance for your children not only shows them that you are human, but inspires them to face their own difficult situations with honesty and strength.

Search for answers together

Parents with learning disabilities might feel a sense of isolation from time to time when they struggle to find answers to questions their children ask that might otherwise be easily accessible. Instead of suffering in silence when an answer is unknown, parents have the choice to get their children involved in the search for answers. If you’re not able to show your kids you know everything, you can show them strategies for finding answers to questions on their own. This is not only a great way to deal with an uncomfortable situation, but it’s also a beneficial life skill to pass on to your kids. When you carry out a collaborative search for information, you’ll be helping yourself deal with a learning disability, teaching your children the importance of research, and bonding over a shared activity.

Keep up with what’s new on the market

In an age of rapid medical and technological advancement, there seems to be something new on the market daily. Even though your years of education may be far behind you, parents with learning disabilities need to keep up with what possible therapies, assistance or aids are out there for dealing with their specific condition. Taking the time to educate yourself on helpful advancements may be the path to finding solutions that will help you as an individual and as a parent deal with learning disabilities.

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